Video games, they’re either something you love or something your hate. It’s as simple as that and there’s usually no middle ground. They either interest you intensely, whether your poison is a football management simulator or the latest fps shooter, or they bore you to pieces, like painting a wall or soap operas.

Either way, you’ll probably know that games are aeons away from their 90s or even early 2000s counterparts. Video games have become so advanced  that they’re even able to incorporate mini games – games within games! Gamers could only imagine such wonders 20 years ago. They’ve progressed from little add ons to full side quests away from the main story. In the much anticipated recent release Fallout 4, there’s over 20 hours of side-quests alone. That’s longer than the total playtime for some standalone titles. Amazing.

Over the years, developers have dabbled with various mini games, and unsurprisingly they’ve seen the opportunity that lies in casino games. From blackjack, roulette and poker, big titles such as Fallout, Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto have found ways to shoe them in, regardless of whether they fit the situation or not.

So, has decided to round-up some of our casino games within video games. Enjoy!

Fallout: New Vegas

The Fallout series started off a post-nuclear apocalypse RPG back in 1997. It was the first game to use the SPECIAL system which has been carried through all the way to Fallout 4. It is one of the most successful game franchises ever, with Fallout 4 alone making Bethesda $750 million on launch. Their stories are rich, their graphics are not, but we all love Fallout for what it is.

Fallout has done a really good job of capitalising on our modern day obsession with gambling and has taken the world a storm with amazing titles such as Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and most recently, Fallout 4.

FO01_Overseer_Cinematic (1)
This is a screenshot of the original Fallout game. As you can see, the graphics are really, really good.

Fallout: New Vegas is the most relevant game for our list since one of its major themes is gambling. One of the lead factions is led by the notorious Mr. House, who is, of course, named after the common nickname for the casino ‘the house.’ Robert House owns the major casinos across the Mojave desert and, if the player decides to pay a visit, they can play the various casino games that are available.

With a vast amount of casinos available, such as the Atomic Wrangler, Gomorrah, Ultra-Lux and The Tops – names, we admit, that would fit in with today’s arrangement of Vegas casinos – you’re never going to be shy of any casino action.

They’ve got everything from slots, blackjack and roulette. You bet with the local Fallout currency, which is bottle caps, and you’re free to play with what you want. Just don’t win over 10,000 caps or you’ll be thrown out. (Don’t worry, that doesn’t happen when you play at Lucky Nugget Casino). Honestly, if you love Fallout as much as we do then yeah, you’re going to love these mini-games.

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead is the Grand Theft Auto of the wild west and, as you might guess, poker is an extremely popular element of the game.

It goes hand in hand with the stereotypical wild West setting where disputes are settled through two ways, over a duel or a game of poker. Fortunately, there are enough duels to keep you entertained for hours, so a game of poker seems like a nice reprieve from all the violence.

Yeah, the cards are that big so you can’t cheat.

There are various settings where one can play poker in the Red Dead universe. You start off playing $10 poker in MacFarlane’s Ranch, but as you progress through the game, you start unlocking other settings where the stakes get higher. Eventually, if you manage to find the ‘gentleman’s attire’, you’ll be playing for $250 a hand, which is insane for a game that’s set in 1911.

That’s pretty much it for Red Dead Redemption. Oh, you can cheat, but you’ve got to find ‘the elegant suit’ which adds a dynamic where you can store one card up your sleeve. It’s a pretty tricky mini-game, and as you progress up through the stakes cheating does become harder, but to have that extra card up your sleeve is a huge benefit. Don’t get caught though, because you’ll have a few duels on your hand if you do.

Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 tells the story of Jason Brody after he is captured by crazed pirates on Rook Island, part of a greater archipelago. Your task is to safely escape the island whilst taking down the pirates that inhabit the island. Along your way you bump into a number of interesting characters which you can either assist or kill – up to you.

One of the main culprits in Far Cry 3 is Hoyt Volker, a South African slave trader who is currently based on the island. After seeing a chemically induced vision involving a CIA agent and Volker, he goes out to find him. Gaining his trust by interrogating one of his captives, who he later saves, he’s invited to a poker game.

Truer words have never, ever been spoken.

Now, poker is a pretty big part of the game anyway, and throughout the adventure you’re able to play poker in a variety of places. Interestingly, it all comes down to the final stand-off with Volker, which doesn’t end well, but we don’t want to spoil it for you!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Well, it’s over 11 years since this highly successful game was released to the public, and if you picked up a copy now, you’ll realise why its done so well. GTA: San Andreas is by far one of the greatest games ever to be made, with 27.5 million copies sold.

San Andreas tells the story of Carl Johnson, known as ‘CJ’ in the game, as he returns home after the murder of his mother. On the way to Grove Street, his former stomping ground, he is intercepted by Frank Tenpenny and a bunch of other corrupt cops. They threaten to frame him for the murder of Officer Pendlebury if he doesn’t co-operative with their orders. Thus, this is the start of San Andreas and the resurgence of the Grove Street Gang.

Let’s hope you have better luck at!

Gambling features heavily in San Andreas, which is the only game of the series to contain any form of the most common table games to be found in the casino. You’re free to bet however much you want, as long as you’ve got the cash. Games available are blackjack, roulette and slots, so there’s plenty of action to be had.

I guess you can say that gambling fits in with the theme of GTA. These casinos are seedy and often dingy, nothing like our casino, and the owners are no less than scrupulous.

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