Game of Thrones started out as a series of books by George R.R. Martin. His stories became instant best sellers, capturing the hearts of millions. Soon after, as most would expect, Martin’s bloody and somewhat saucy tales were transported to the screen. Ratings went through the roof and Game of Thrones was soon the topic on everybody’s lips.

HBO's 'Game oF Thrones' EP01 'Winter Is Coming' On Sky Atlantic
Join Eddard Stark on his quest for honor!

With its popularity constantly rising the show has now become HBO’s most popular series ever. With this popularity, it’s no surprise that the guys at Microgaming decided to develop a slot based on the amazing world of Westeros!

The Game of Thrones slot has 5 reels and two options of play. A 15 payline version where you can bet from 15p to £3 a spin, and a 243 ways to win version where you can bet from 30p to £6 a spin. Whichever option you choose doesn’t affect the bonus features, which are definitely the main attraction of the game.

If you’re looking for the complete Game of Thrones experience, but within a slot, then you’ve definitely found the right game!

Free Spins Round

The free spins feature on The Game of Thrones slot gives you the opportunity to serve for one of the four great houses of Westeros. Each house has their own free spins feature. To trigger this bonus, you need to get three Game of Thrones logo scatter symbols. Each of the houses offers a unique number of spins, a multiplier and stacked icons.

  • Baratheon: The Baratheon house offers you eight free spins, a five times multiplier and 3 stack symbols.
  • Lannister: The Lannister’s feature has 10 free spins, a four times multiplier and four stacked symbols to offer you.
  • Stark: The house of The North gives you the offer of 14 free spins, a three times multiplier and five stacked symbols.
  • Targaryen: House Targaryen gives you the option of 18 free spins, a two times multiplier and an amazing 6 stacked symbols

So which house will you choose? Each of them offers amazing bonuses so it will be difficult to choose. But, no matter what nobody can deny how amazing the free spins features are. Also, to add to this you can retrigger the free spins round at any time.

Scatter Bonus

To trigger this round, you just need to get two Game of Thrones scatter symbols. Once the round is triggered you have the chance to win a prize which is a multiplied amount of your stake.

Gamble Trail

The last bonus feature is the Gamble Trail. Within this feature you watch videos from the hit TV show as you journey through the kingdoms of Westeros and Essos. Within this round you can double your money up to four times. We hope you journey through the kingdoms ends with a high pay-out.


This slot overall is aesthetically brilliant, the rich colours and contrast make the game tie in with the show and book perfectly. There are also amazing animations within the game that make the game a lot more fun to play and add to the aesthetics. In summary, if you enjoy the show and the books then you will absolutely love this game. So why not head over to Lucky Nugget and have an adventure to Westeros.

So what do you think about Game of Thrones and the slot? Let us know down below by dropping us here at Lucky Nugget a comment.

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