While the thought that Tolkien’s universe, brought to life by the Lord of the Rings film series, is just one big movie set might well be depressing thought, the knowledge that real-life filming locations are just a flight away is certainly a relief.  

And so, the guys at Lucky Nugget Casino have scoured New Zealand, the filming location for a large portion of the trilogy, and pieced together 9 key set-locations which you can freely visit.


Follow Frodo’s journey from the Shire to Mount Doom



Did you know that Mount Doom was filmed in Wellington, or the Ford of Brunien is based in Queenstown? In-fact, there are nine set-locations accessible to the public in New Zealand, and we’ve found them all.

Our interactive map highlights what the scene looks like in the film and in real-life — so if you haven’t got time to roam the world (kids, wife, job, all the stuff that anchors you down), you can get a taste of the true Lord of the Rings experience from the comfort of your own home.

We’ve also dropped some supporting text with every image, which goes into detail about what’s happening in each scene. We’re sure it’ll come in handy — of course, for the Lord of the Rings aficionados out there, we’re sure you’ll know it all already.

In a way, our map is also homage to the amazing Lord of the Rings slot, which is sorely missed. If you’d like to know more about one of the greatest slot games that ever existed, read our sad, but informative article.

We hope you enjoy our interactive map half as much as we have creating it — and of course, if you think we’ve missed anything then drop us a comment below.

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