When it comes to the casino, there are some great games that are accessible to our players. Whether it is the casino classics like roulette and blackjack, or trying out a range of the newest slots.

However, one that will always remain popular is baccarat, the old card game that has been around since the 1600s, and we will give you a roundup of the game here, and how you can enjoy it at Lucky Nugget Casino.

How does it work?

Don’t worry, baccarat isn’t too hard to grasp and once you do we are sure you’ll love it. There are three ways to gamble ahead of the game, your hand winning, the dealers hand winning or a tie. Bear in mind, like Blackjack, you play against our banker with randomised cards dished out.

If a player backs themselves and wins they will win at evens, with slightly more paid out if you back the dealer. Whereas, if it is a tie you obviously get much bigger odds!

A two card hand is given to the player and the banker with all of the cards worth a different value that you will be aware of. The way to win is simple, the highest value hand wins, tens and face cards are valued at zero, while ace is worth one. That means that the value of the baccarat game is 0-9 and so 9 is clearly the highest and the way to win.

There can be a lot of strategy and game-play involved in Baccarat to ensure that you get the upper hand over the dealer and walk away with some money, but seen as all bets are placed before the cards are dealt it can be impossible to know what will happen, which is what makes this game so enthralling and exciting.

Ready to play

If that has grabbed your attention, then Lucky Nugget Casino is your next stop as we have many great ways for you to enjoy the game.

Our online baccarat is simple and easy to play, simply log in and we will have the table ready, the dealers ready and the cards primed for action. Do your thing and see if you can come out victorious against our bankers!

However, the fun does not end there, because for the real baccarat fans we have a really exciting prospect. That comes in the form of the High Limit Baccarat which will be perfect for some of you who are ready to take on the banker big time.

As you would expect, the stakes are higher and it follows the same format as the normal game, just with more winnings available, if you are brave enough!

So there you go, an insight into one of the great card games that is out there. If you’ve never played before, then get on to Lucky Nugget Casino and try it out, while for you regulars out there, are you ready to up the risk for the greater reward? Either way, enjoy it, give it your best and good luck!

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