The time that every Canadian gambling fan has been waiting for has finally arrived – well, Canadians from Surrey and its surrounding area. Sitting at home and playing online casino might only be reserved for a rainy day now Elements Casino has finally been renovated, providing its 500,000 residents with another place to gamble, dine and relax in a classy environment. This is great news for the local economy as more jobs are set to be created in the bustling town of Surrey.

It’s not just the economy that’s going to get a boost, morale seems to have rocketed as well, with residents elated at the unveiling of the new Elements Casino. Apart from the media, and a company Christmas party, nobody had laid eyes on the new casino since 6 months ago, when the renovation was announced. Work on the 56,000 square foot property took little to no time in the grand scheme of things, but the work that has been done has made all the difference, with new patrons delighted with their renovated Elements Casino.

$11 Million Investment – Money Well Spent

The figure for this investment is rumoured at around $11 million, which has been used to refresh the casino that opened 40 years ago. Michael Kim, the casino’s director has said that they want Elements Casino to ‘…be a destination venue, not just for Surrey, but for our whole trade area.’

“Adding these amenities is going to be big for us,’ he continued. ‘We wanted to up our game, for sure, because in our research, that’s what people wanted here.’ It appears then, that Michael Kim has given the people what they want.

The former clubhouse has been converted into an entertainment venue dubbed Escape – this venue will host bands on a regular basis, with sound and stage equipment arranged so sound doesn’t spill over into the gaming area. With a capacity of 300 people. this multi-purpose function room could be used for weddings and parties. Another welcome addition for the residents of Surrey.

The entertainment venue was essentially a deal breaker with Kim. ‘We know the market is looking for a space this size, a venue that can accommodate up to 300 people.’ The space adds an extra dimension to an otherwise dated casino, bringing people in from all around the country to watch popular acts play on stage.

A further venue has been added that can seat around 60 people and can be used as an open-mic type function. ‘This will be a place to unwind after work or catch a game on TV…’ Kim said in regard to the beer-sponsored bar, which will also provide guests a view of the racing course that will be open from spring.

The work in Elements Casino has even spread to the dining areas, with the unveiling of the Diamond Buffet, which can be accessed through the 60th Ave. main entrance. This buffet is open seven days a week and is the only buffet in Surrey to do so. If you need a quick snack on the main floor then Foodies is perfect for a quick snack serving burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches.

More Tables Than Ever Before

It’s time to get some blackjack practice in online – Elements Casino has gained 12 more gaming tables ready to be tackled by blackjack experts from around the world. Not only have they introduced a range of blackjack tables; there’s now a host of other tables such as squeeze baccarat, pai gow and a brand new roulette table. There’s even a brand new range of ultimate Texas Hold’em tables, great if players fancy playing something different.

Slots players are in for a treat with half of the casino floor dedicated to the latest range of slot games. There’s also a dedicated slots balcony which overlooks the racetrack allowing players to get a view of sporting action as they enjoy the slot.  There’s also a VIP suite available for the high-rollers where the majority of the big stake games are held – not for the faint hearted.

So, if you’re planning on heading over to Elements Casino this winter let us know in the comments section below. Why don’t you get some practice in at before you head out and play for real. Merry Christmas from team Lucky Nugget!


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