Elements Casino, based in Surrey, British Columbia, is quickly establishing itself as a fantastic entertainment complex for the guests. As well as a major casino that boasts over 500 slot machines and all your favourite table games, there are restaurants, live music and a racetrack. So, you’re never short of something to do!

There’s more to come

eSports events, like the one shown, will take place next month at Elements Casino

Whilst that would seem enough anyway, on December 3rd, Elements Casino will host and co-present the inaugural eSports Street Fighter V tournament, giving you yet another reason to visit. There’s a prize pool of $1,500 and there will surely be a big crowd to see who can scoop the big jackpot.

For those that don’t know eSports, it’s competitive video gaming, where individuals, or teams, face off against each other on well-known games that could vary from sports to fighting games – in this case, it’s Street Fighter V. Plus, it’s known to attract huge audiences and is growing at a significant rate.

It is becoming a key source of entertainment with young gamers today, and research suggests that there will be 145 million fans by next year. The revenue from eSports this year is already predicted to surpass $275m, and this is just the start of things.

Offering something different

The chance for Elements Casino to spread into a new market was an opportunity that they couldn’t turn down. General Manager, Michael Kim, stated that the new move “will deliver an additional entertainment experience for our guests” and it certainly will.

With the casino becoming the first to provide such a service, it could signal a wave of similar outlets promoting eSports. Furthermore, if it enhances Elements Casino’s brand it will have knock-on effect at attracting new players to the casino, primarily younger players too.

For players, casino gaming has changed dramatically over the years. The ease and simplicity of just logging in and playing the traditional table games at Lucky Nugget Casino means that it’s hard to encourage players to visit the actual casino.

This has seen casinos develop the social factor, appealing for a variety of reasons, and this is another example of that.

Overall, it’s beneficial to the players, who have yet another popular game to enjoy at Elements Casino, and with the predicted popularity of eSports, it could be the start of something significant.

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