There’s something that’s so effortlessly cool about dragons – their huge wingspans, their incredible intelligence, and their tendency to hoard huge sums of treasure!

If you want to try your hand at catching dragons then Dragon’s Myth is the perfect slot machine for you. Live your high fantasy dreams by playing online at Lucky Nugget now.

Learn the legends of Dragon’s Myth


One of the most striking features about Dragon’s Myth is its stunning art. A young Viking girl is the heroine of this story, and she’s here to catch the terrifying dragons which roam the world. There are five reels to keep an eye on, each of which has three potential positions. So the slot has fifteen symbols at any given time, and twenty paylines up for grabs – that’s twenty different ways to try and nab the dragon’s treasure!

The game has a very strong aesthetic, which begins with the background: it’s a misty land full of volcanoes, which conjures up ideas of magic and intrigue. The plucky heroine stands on the left side of your screen, and jumps for joy when you do well. But the art on the reels is really what makes this slot stand out.

Besides the generic symbols, there are free spins symbols and wild symbols. But the best of all are the dragons, which are worth the biggest payouts and look the best. The rocky green dragon, many-headed yellow dragon, vicious blue dragon and noble red dragon each have their own personality. Every winning combination also gets an amusing little animation, while matching multiple dragons sees the dragon in question appear for a cameo. And our plucky dragonslayer appears on the wild symbols, helping you match those winning combos.

After each successful spin, you can choose to gamble your winnings. Simply select the egg with a dragon inside: doing so doubles your bounty, while choosing the wrong one means you lose it all.

Get fired up with extra features

Dragon’s Myth looks pretty enough, but its extra features really help to kick it up another notch. The aim of the game is to capture all four dragons – which you can do by stopping their symbols in the bottom-right square. Once you’ve caught all four dragons, you unlock the Dragon Bounty which accumulates as you play the slot. This turns the dragons wild, and could net you up to 2,000 coins.

The free spins symbol – represented by a fiery volcano – is a scatter symbol. Getting three or more anywhere on the reels gives you 10 free spins, going up to 15 free spins for four symbols or 20 for five. The free spins rounds are where you can rake in the money, as paylines can trigger right-to-left as well – doubling the number of ways you could win. And if you get a bonus symbol in these rounds, you’ll get an extra three free spins and enter the dragon’s cave.

The dragon’s cave offers you the chance to place sticky wilds on the reels. These will stay there till the end of your round, and if you get another bonus symbol, you get to place another wild symbol. It might take a little luck, but those dragons can get trampled!

If you’re looking for a slot with progressive gameplay, beautiful graphics and heaps of personality, then Dragon’s Myth might just be the game for you. Play online now at Lucky Nugget, and may the odds be ever in your favour.

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