There are many strategies that are suggested and passed down from players when it comes to roulette, but do they actually make a difference? We’ll let you decide that for yourself, but one of the easiest strategies to adopt is the D’Alembert.

Here we will detail exactly what the D’Alembert strategy entails and how it can improve your time at the tables.

What is the D’Alembert system?

It’s a fairly simple strategy to follow, with one rule to follow. Increase your bet by one after a loss, decrease your bet by one after a win, that’s it!

So, a pattern could look like this;

– Bet $10 lose
– Bet $11 lose
– Bet $12 win
– Bet $11 win

In this scenario you have place four bets, winning two and losing two and if you add up the stakes involved it will leave you with a profit of two, because that’s exactly how the D’Alembert works.

Once your number of losses and wins are equal, you will be in profit by that amount. So, from the example above, you are in profit by two. If we carried that sequence on over 40 bets that totalled 20 wins and 20 losses, you would be in profit by 20, whilst 10 wins and 10 losses would leave you with a profit of 10, and so on. What’s more, this applies whether you stake $5, $10 or $100 as your initial stake.

When using the D’Alembert on the roulette tables you will have to stick to the bets that have near 50/50 outcomes. That can be red or black, odd or even and 1-18 to 19-36, otherwise the strategy won’t work.


What are the advantages?

The obvious advantage of the D’Alembert is that it’s about as safe as you can get when it comes to roulette systems. Given that you only increase the stake by one every time you lose, it will take a remarkable turn of events to suffer large losses. Particularly when you compare it to other strategies.

For instance, three successive losses following the Martingale system with a $10 start would see you bet; $10, $20 and $40 and that will keep doubling if you lose again and again. Whereas, the D’Alembert would result in $10, $11 and $12 bets, so it’s much safer.

Each spin is independent and there are no guaranteed at roulette, but you will struggle to lose your bankroll with this strategy, providing you start with an affordable bet. With that in mind, it can be good for novices, who are trying to increase their knowledge of the game. You can play, make bets and learn, safe in the knowledge you won’t be losing serious money through uneducated decisions.

How about the disadvantages?

Roulette table

As it’s a low risk strategy, it inevitably brings low rewards. So, if you’re out there dreaming of landing the big wins after a couple of spins, then this strategy won’t be the one for you.

Furthermore, for this strategy to be a success you will need more wins, or the same number of wins and losses, which may be a struggle, especially the longer you play. If they don’t even up then the system will not work.

That can also backfire in that if you suffer a string of early losses, it will be hard to get the same number of wins, which could leave you chasing the equal figure over a long period.

Ultimately, the D’Alembert system is pretty easy to follow and will suit certain types of players. If you think it will benefit your game, then apply it at the online roulette tables at Lucky Nugget Casino. Alternatively, play your game as normal, because no strategy will ever guarantee success in the tense, unpredictable game of roulette, which is why we love it!

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