$70 million, which is equal to the largest Australian lottery win,  has been claimed by a couple on Queensland’s Fraser Coast  last week. The couple wish to remain anonymous, but are known as the Hervey Bay Grandparents, and are said to be over the moon with their win.

“The best thing we’ve ever won is the old chook raffle,’ the woman was reported to say, ‘It was my resolution to bring more positivity into my life.’

When she said she was going to win the lottery in 2016 most laughed. Fortunately, for the couple from Queensland. the egg is very much on their face.

Like most lottery winners the couple have vowed to help their family out alongside giving some money to charity. Most importantly, though, they wish to travel.

‘We haven’t done much travel in our lives, but now we’re off,’ the couple said. ‘There’s also a dream car on the horizon which was always out of reach until now.’

The winning ticket was from the six-number game, purchased in Pialba, at their local newsagents.

Newsagents over the moon over with Austlian lottery win

Mr. Wickham, who is reported as selling the Australian lottery ticket has been described as ‘over the moon.’

“I’ve had goosebumps all morning just thinking about such a large ticket,” Wickham said, “This week leading up to it I thought ‘I think we’re due for a reasonable win.’ He certainly wasn’t expecting a $70 million win to come from his store.

“We sold our first division-one winning ticket a few years ago, so this was long overdue.”

Elissa Lewis, a representative from Tatts Lotteries, has said that the couple have gone down in the game’s history, as the largest win on a single Powerball ticket.

The odds of winning the game were 1 in 12 million, which admittedly, is very little chance.

“In two weeks today,’ she continued, ‘our winning couple will have a bank balance that has multiple zeros at the end.’

“The standing record for the largest Powerball win claimed by a single entry in Australia was set in 2008 when one ticket purchased in Melbourne won $58.7 million.”

“It has also equalled the largest Lotto win ever by a single ticket which was set in December 2013 when a ticket purchased by a group of friends on the Gold Coast won $70 million in Oz Lotto.”

It sure beats the biggest slots jackpot we’ve given away from our progressive slot Mega Moolah. We wish the happy couple the best of luck in their new found fortune.

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