Time moves on, trends change, and things that were once popular are gradually forgotten. This can be a little depressing if one stops to think about it, but it shouldn’t be overlooked that beloved things will always live on in memory.

Sitcoms were all the craze back in the 80s and early 90s, with a number of hit shows that had fans gathering around the television on a weekly basis. Yes, many of these shows are only rarely mentioned now, but back in the day they were on the cover of every magazine.

Granted, in hindsight these once popular shows can be viewed as a little cheesy. But for those of us who were young in that time period, these shows were hilarious and wonderful. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular television sitcoms that time has largely forgotten.

Who’s The Boss?

Do you know what was a wacky, off the wall idea back in 1984? That the male lead was the housekeeper, and the female lead the high-powered, somewhat stern master of the house. Staring Tony Danza, Who’s The Boss? was all the rage when it first aired, and kept on being popular for many years after.

One of the more interesting ideas in the show was it’s adopting the real life background of Danza into the show. In real life Danza was a retired baseball player, a theme that was brought into the plot and referenced on multiple occasions. Other than that, the sitcom used all the popular comedy tropes of the era, combined with jokes that have not aged as well as one might imagine. Either way, Who’s The Boss? is fondly remembered by many.

Full House

Having a premier some yeas after Who’s The Boss?, Full House first aired in 1987. In line with sitcoms at the time, it had a twist that gave it much of the fuel for its comedy. In Full House there are three wacky male figures, with vastly different personalities. And, of course, these three men are tasked with raising a family, in much the same way as the film Three Men And A Baby.

Full House ran for many years, up until 1995, before finally running out of steam. In it’s lifetime it catapulted the Olsen twins to stardom, giving them fame long after Full House had come to an end. If anything, it is remarkable to see the two girls, both of whom played a single character in the show, grow into young ladies. There’s now Fuller House, a spin-off of the original and a what-happened next sitcom, but the twins sadly don’t make an appearance!

Perfect Strangers

What happens when your wacky, naive cousin from an unknown part of the world comes to live with you in the big city? Hilarity, of course, and fish out of water jokes aplenty. Perfect Strangers owed much of its success to actor Bronson Pinchot, who played the extremely well loved character Balki Bartokomous.

The show ran for several seasons, and remained extremely popular until the day it was finally cancelled in 1993. Another great sitcom that saw incredible success. Anyone want to do the dance of joy?

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