Tunes to make you feel good!

Sometimes it’s great to listen to your favourite tunes when kicking back with a little online casino, but sometimes finding the right song is far too difficult. That’s why Lucky Nugget Casino has searched high and low for the best songs around and generated the ultimate online casino playlist.  If you’re looking to rock out with some awesome tunes, then check out the playlist below and make your gaming experience great. Enjoy!

Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley

Viva Las Vegas is a gem of a track from 1963 by Elvis Presley, the undisputed King of Pop. This track is set to get anybody in the mood for for a little bit of online gaming. It’s time to jazz things up with a little Viva Las Vegas! This song is the theme song for the incredibly popular film Viva Las Vegas, starring Elvis Presley and directed by George Sydney. If you’re looking for a great film to watch before you hit the casino, then this is one of them!

Ace Of Spades – Motorhead

Released in 1980,  Motorhead’s Ace of Spades has been around for some time now. Over the years this song has become one of the greatest hits ever known to man, and makes for some pretty rad gaming music! If you’re looking to get pumped up before you hit the tables, Ace of Spades is set to get you in the mood. Rock out whilst your beat the dealer again and again and again. Beat the dealer with the power of metal… not a piece of metal though – that’s illegal. Rock on!

Money – Pink Floyd

Money, by Pink Floyd, was released in 1973 and over the years has become one of the most popular hits on the 20th, and ultimately, the 21st century. If you’re looking to make some money at then get your lucky charms in order by listening to this awesome tune. Pink Floyd are one of the best bands around, and their songs are only set to keep you entertained while you hit the casino.

The Gambler – Kenny Rodgers

Although not written by Kenny Rodgers – in fact, it was written by Don Schiltz – it has become one of Rodger’ most famous songs. It’s ultimately the quintessential poker playing song, but always goes down well when playing at the casino online. Country Western songs are generally quite soothing and The Gambler is no different. If you’re looking to chill out with a nice gambling-themed song then Kenny Rodgers is your man!

Introducing the exclusive Lucky Nugget Playlist!

Why not check out our awesome dedicated exclusive playlist and immerse yourself in absolute casino gaming bliss. We’ve taken some of the best gambling themed songs from the world of music and banged them all into one playlist. With hit songs such as Get Lucky by Daft Punk, or Money For Nothing by Dire Straits, you’ll be rocking away to the best tunes in the business.



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