New Zealand casino profits prove Kiwis love gaming

Great news for all slot fans across the pond – profits are up for casinos based in New Zealand. It’s been a turbulent decade for New Zealand casinos, and so with a rise in slots revenue it shows that casino gaming is finally growing in a competitive entertainment market. First-quarter slot machine revenues has increased by as much as 3% from 2015 to 2016. An overall increase of $0.03 of every $1 gambled on slot machines last year. This is on the back on a recent decline of gaming venues, machines and license holders.

$6.3 million in slots revenue

An unprecedented figure at the start of the fiscal year, slot machines – according the official figures from the nation’s department of Internal Affairs – brought in $6.3 million worth of slots revenue (or, $5.8 million AUD) throughout the last financial year. This was the sweet-end of the bitter-sweet news that the amount of casino licenses had decreased by 6% year-on-year to 292.

Furthermore, the report found that there had been a 4% decline year-on-year on the amount of venues that operated with a slots license. In total the cull has been devastating, with a reduction of more than 1,224 slot machines in total. The country is now home to more than 16,274 machines, or 1 slot machine for every 274 people.

Linked to the appeal of online slots?

As online slot games become more engrained into our daily list of popular activities, the desire to head out and play them for real is to be expected. This is great for the casino industry as a whole, and we expect things to only get better over in New Zealand.

So, what do you think? Are you a Kiwi who’s been playing more slot games recently? Can’t stand the sight of them? Well, let us know in the comments section below! Good luck at the casino from the Lucky Nugget team!

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