Break Da Bank Again

If presented with a mysterious, closed bank vault and being told that mega-riches lay within, most would be interested. Now add an additional factor; the vault can be opened by spinning reels, and getting the right combination. It’s a concept too good to pass up, and the core of the new Break Da Bank Again Respin online pokie. Spin the reels, land the right combination, and whatever happens to be in the vault is now in your pocket. This in itself is an intriguing enough idea, but now add the Paid Respin feature and we’re heading into new territory.

This revolutionary new experience is soon to be a reality at Lucky Nugget Casino, the game goes live on 21 August 2019, and then you’ll get to take a crack at the vault yourself. Plus, you’ll also be able to take Paid Respins for a test drive, which takes the concept of spinning reels to a whole new level.

Gameburger – Future Legends

When globally renowned online casino content provider Microgaming teamed up with Gameburger, some online pokies enthusiasts raised an eyebrow. After all, Gameburger are an unknown studio, with not a single previous title to their name. But if Microgaming saw their potential, everyone should have known that great things were soon to be revealed.

Those great things are now finally here. The long running, highly successful Break Da Bank series was getting a long awaited sequel. Break Da Bank, Break Da Bank Again, and Break Da Bank Again Megaspin are accompanied by Break Da Bank Again Respin, and it’s everything that was hoped for.

What Makes The World Go Round?

Break Da Bank Again Respin Slot
Source: Microgaming

As far as visual mobile casino game design goes, the Break Da Bank series has been simple and to the point – the point being money. Stacks of cash, great big blue gems and the previously mentioned mysterious vault. It isn’t ground-breaking, but then the series never was about visual splendour. The Break Da Bank games are about massive payouts, and special features. In this regard they are unmatched, and the latest edition is no Black Sheep. Paid Respins are due to set the online casino world on fire.

The Stats

Break Da Bank Again Respin is a 5 reel, 3 row online pokies game. It has a hit rate of 22.34%, and betting limits of 0.09 to 36.00 coins per spin. It is ranked as very high volatility, with a 96.58% RTP, and 22.34% hit rate. Gameplay is as standard, with symbols matching in order to create winning combinations. Wilds, which substitute for all other symbols, and Scatters, which trigger bonus features, are also included.

Re-Spinning Your Way To Wealth

Break Da Bank Again Image

The bonuses and special features are where Break Da Bank Respin will make you sit up and pay attention. You’ve been waiting for an explanation, and here it comes. Paid Respins mean that it is possible to respin any reel after a standard spin. It costs an additional wager, but allows for the possibility to create a winning combination where it was previously missed. For example; 2 Scatters on the online pokies reels can be turned into 3, simply by re-spinning the appropriate reel. The power is finally in the player’s hands.

 Free Spins And Multipliers

Still got your eye on that mysterious vault? It can be opened, and the wealth that lies inside is nothing short of spectacular. Land 3 vaults on the reels and you’ll have 15 free spins. 4 vaults and those free spins get bumped up to 20. If you guessed 25 for 5 vaults, you get a gold star. But where does cracking the vault come into all this? Very simple. Every base win during the Free Spins round in this mobile casino game is multiplied by 5. Every win created with a Wild is multiplied by a massive 25. We told you the vault could be opened, and now you know how. Better make sure you have room in your pockets when you start spinning.

 The Bank Needs Breaking

Make sure you sign in at Lucky Nugget Casino on 21 August 2019. This brand new mobile casino game with its Paid Respin feature will be ready and waiting, and the vault is just itching to share its spoils. The game is optimised for desktop and mobile play, so everyone can join in the fun! Don’t delay, get to break the bank in a whole new way!


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