Last week, multi-millionaire poker player, ‘King of Instagram’ and playboy Dan Bilzerian managed to cycle 300 miles, from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, as part of a proposition bet with Bill Perkins winning $600K.

The money is small change though, for the blackjack playing, casino and poker player. The completion of this bet was more to save his name, as opposed to the money.

Now, apparently, after his tremendous ordeal, Bilzerian is bed-ridden with a fever and a number of injuries after the tremendously gruelling 33-hour ride.

The original bet was made with venture capitalist Bill Perkins, who suggested – with a princely wager of $600K – that the poker star unable to cycle from his home in Hollywood Hills to the infamous glitzy Vegas sign in 2 days, or 48 hours. In desperation, Bilzerian agreed to the bet and consulted the likes of the nefarious Lance Armstrong – confirmed Tour de France cheat – to assist him in training.

Perkins admitted defeat in the end, but is adamant that Bilzerian was the real loser: ‘He looks like the Grinch – his skin is green,’ Perkins says, according the the New York Post.

‘He’s looking like death right now. He’s in bed with chafed buttocks, a fever, hot and cold (flashes) chills and wobbly legs.

‘His immune system is down, and every virus you can have is rising.’

‘I was hoping his muscles would seize up mid-ride, but they didn’t. He used all his willpower’

Bilzerian, who is the son of wealthy takeover specialist Dan Bilzerian, set off at 8pm on Tuesday and cycled through the Mojave desert. He only had until 8pm on Thursday evening to make it to Vegas, or hand over $600K in hard-cold cash. Miraculously, he arrived with more than 14 hours to spare.

Controversy arose though, as he was seen to be drafting behind a van for more than ten hours of the journey, as seen in this video here.

Perkins, who had been following him from the safety of an RV, was more than fair-game, happily handing over the money.

‘Dan risked death a couple of times,’ Perkins told The Post, ‘I was a car almost drive right into him.’

‘The odds of getting killed were higher than he thought. He was an idiot for taking the bet.’

A pricey affair for Bilzerian

It’s not just health Bilzerian has paid with, as the whole operation cost him $150K according to numerous news sources. This was for the hire of equipment, Armstrong’s fee and various other expenses pre-cycle.

Bilzerian’s ability to complete the race also came under scrutiny, as the self-indulgent lifestyle of the playboy has already resulted in three heart attacks.

He did take preparation for this event somewhat seriously though, eating egg whites Rocky Balboa style, oatmeal and fruit and butter almond. Vitamins were also a popular choice in this training regime, scoffing vitamin C, zinc and probiotics. Four and a half hours of cycling came next, followed by an ice-bath, an Epsom-salt bath and finally a massage before his evening meal.

‘My legs hurt, my Achilles is popping, my ass is bruised and I’ve lost six pounds,’ Bilzerian speaking on his health.

But that wasn’t all the was riding on this bet for Bilzerian, having another bet with Rick Salomon that he would simply survive, with the wager being his private jet. Although yet to be confirmed, Salomon might end up with his very own plane worth $250K.

This isn’t the first time he’s lost a ridiculous bet though, with $2.3 million down the drain on a coin toss and nearly $400K on a race between a Ferrari and his Shelby Cobra. We’ve covered some of the most insane bets ever placed in another one of our features, so make sure you check them out!

So, Bilzerian did it, as he always does, now let’s see if he pulls through. Hopefully he does though, because the world wouldn’t be the same without Bilzerian. Good luck to him from all the guys and girls at Lucky Nugget Casino!

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