Bill Benter, an unimposing well-dressed statistician in his forties, could well be the richest man you never recognise. He is the softly spoken gentleman who now spends his time lecturing statistics students; sharing his knowledge with future generations. His knowledge, it would appear, has grown in value over the last ten years reaching astronomical heights. He looks, as most would say, like a regular man – just like me and you. The thing is, he’s no regular man at all. Bill Benter is a modern-day gambling genius.

Bill Benter – Horse Gambling Genius

He’s not made his money through playing at the casino, which so many top gamblers have done in the past. Benter hasn’t shook the world through being a good gambler – no. It’s not the fact that he’s got an eye for a good horse either. Benter has made his money by using the one thing that nobody thought was possible; mathematics.

He’s managed, with 750,000 lines of code, to create a program which analyses odds from all around the world. Benter now spends his evenings making money as part of a horse-racing syndicate, taking home a rather princely sum of money indeed. This has caused waves in Hong Kong’s horse-racing markets, with key organiser the Hong Kong Jockey Club feeling the effects of Benter’s powerful system. His syndicate over the years has taken a rather large slice out of the $10.7 billion market, and as a result has generated cries of foul play from leading organisers.

The Hong Kong Jockey club has closed the accounts of some professionals associated with the syndicate over the years, with claims that their techniques are ‘not in the best interest of the general public.’ Benter himself is not banned from the track; but is subsequently not allowed to place bets over the phone.

Big betting for Benter’s Crew!

Somehow, though, Benter and his syndicate still manage to bet $260,000 on each race, and with an average return of around 24%, they are making large amounts of money. The secret is in the software, which analyses 120 different handicapping factors, estimates the probability of winning and then calculates the amount of money to bet. The same 1000 horses compete with each other year in, year out, so each horse can be assigned an independent value. This maintains consistency in the system and makes it easier to implement in Hong Kong. Horses are scored on the amount of lengths they have lost by in previous races, giving heavier weight to more recent results.

Benter has used this system for 23 years to great results, generating an impressive amount of money. He doesn’t like to brag about it though, and is a very secretive man. Nobody at has ever done anything of the sort. Unfortunately, we don’t offer horse racing, but we do offer a load of other casino games you can try your hand at – maybe implement your own strategy. Whatever you do, good luck at the tables!

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