If you haven’t been snoring under a rock for the last ten years, you’ll know that social media has become a pretty major thing. So big, in fact, that it can be rather alarming when one stops to think about it. Why? Because social media is accessible to everyone, and this is most certainly both a good and bad thing. Imagine if the wrong person gets on social media, and manages to gather a large audience? Thankfully, for the most part, it is the right people who get the most attention on social media.

Instagram is one of the more popular social media networks, allowing users to share images with followers. Most use it simply as a way to share interesting images with friends and family, but others have used it for other more innovative and creative reasons. Let’s take a look the most influential people currently on Instagram.


The most popular Instagram account by far, presently, belongs to one Tim Karsliyev. He founded a network titled Daily Dose, and, as already said, this is proof that it is the most positive people that tend to get the most attention on social media platforms. What is Daily Dose? Simply a daily injection of something positive, interesting, or meaningful into your life. It doesn’t get much more easy to understand then that.

Motivational quotes, thoughtful sentences, and good life advice is what Daily Dose is all about. And, given the framework of Instagram, these messages come pasted over a visually pleasing background. So, how many followers would such a simple idea gather? Over 200 million. Mind blowing does not even begin to describe how meaningful this is.


From being inspirational one way, to another, Desi Perkins is often referred to as a fashion and beauty guru. She sets YouTube alight with regular videos helping ladies around the world achieve the personal beauty levels they desire. Plus, of course, sometimes she takes a bit of time to also help people learn how to paint their faces to look like a Halloween worthy skull.

Desi has an impressive 3,4 million followers on Instagram, but gets most of her attention on YouTube where she releases regular videos. As far as Instagram goes, she is certainly a top influencer, and seems to only be growing in popularity as the years roll on.


One won’t get very far in life without laughing, and so it’s no secret why so many top comedians are big influencers on Instagram, and other social media platforms. Tonio Skits is one of the biggest boasting an impressive 3.6 million followers.

First getting attention for his part in the television show Wild N’ Out, Tonio quickly gained attention and rose to be one of the worlds leading Latino comedians. Today he is only going from strength to strength, being influential on a number of social media networks, and continuing to get belly laughs from anyone who cares to listen to his keen sense of comedy.

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