Great start for movies in 2016

With Leonardo DiCaprio finally picking up an Oscar for the Revenant in this year’s Oscars, and a host of other amazing movies such as Deadpool, X-Men Apocalypse and Ex Machina also hitting the screens, 2016 has been a great year so far. Deadpool alone broke all kinds of records, and even beating the likes of the original Iron Man in terms of domestic gross, and even Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Revenant – arguable 2016’s biggest movie – saw Leonardo DiCaprio win his first Oscar.

When movies do well at box office they generally do well elsewhere. Merchandise, games and even spin off movies come hand in hand. Of course, this includes slot games, which, as you might guess, are often created when a movie does particularly well. A good movie following can result in a good slots following, and this can be profitable for both customer and game.

So, here at, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best games that could be.

The Revenant

It’s 1823 and frontiersman Hugh Glass – played by Leonardo DiCaprio – survives, with grit and determination, a near fatal bear attack. When his hunting comrades leave him behind, Glass has to use every last bit of strength to find his way back home. Infuriated and driven, Glass tracks down John Fitzgerald – played by Tom Hardy – seeking revenge. This film won Oscars for a reason – it’s absolutely breathtaking. The snowy backdrop to the film which creates a wintry atmosphere is ideal for a slot game. It could be similar to Siberian Storm, but could include images of Leonardo Di Caprio’s ragged head as symbols.

The wintry backdrop could look something like this:


So, yeah, if there’s a slot that Microgaming could rustle up quickly, it’ll be a Revenant themed game.

We rather look forward to it!


Former Special Forces operative Wade Wilson now works as a Mercenary, but is captured by the evil scientist Ajax and – against his will – was transformed into Deadpool. The rogue experiment provided Wade Wilson with accelerated healing and, of course, a twisted sense of humour. He acquires the help of Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead to hunt down the scientist that nearly killed him. Part of the X-Men universe, and of course, the bigger Marvel Universe, Deadpool would fit right into the collection of X-Men slots that already exist.


It could look like something like the above, with Deadpool and various other characters in the fray. We think it it looked the like above X-Men slot it would be pretty cool indeed!

So, there’s a couple of games that we’d like to see this year! Let us know in the comments section below! If you’re not a fan of the slots, make sure you check out our awesome range of roulette and blackjack games!

Best of luck at the tables.

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