It just becomes too much! Whenever we jet off for some real casino gaming we get suckered into the many delights of the typical Las Vegas casino buffet.

There’s nothing like a buffet filled with seafood delights, meaty treats and sublime savories. Caesar’s Palace, for example, has 2,800 oysters and 5,000 pounds of beef readily available every single day. They’ve also become so competitive that trying to find that one perfect one has become, well, impossible. You’ll love one for their English bangers and mash and another for their mozzarella di bufala. There are a few out there though, that are better than others. Even if you’re more of a sit down meal kinda person, you’ve simply got to check out there the next time you jet over to Sin City.

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The Buffet at Bellagio

The Bellagio is known as the founder of elegant excess, and its buffet sure does represent it’s take on casino style. It’s strong points have to be its cut-to-order sushi, the wide range of salads on offer and, it its most recent attempt to stay classier than ever, the evening caviar service which includes domestic caviar, Ikura and Tabiko. If you’re not fussed about sitting in the restaurant, and you’re really hungry, you can skip the line and sit at the bar. Awesome.

Fountains Brunch at Jasmine, Bellagio

The casino buffet has been pushed back to weekends in recent years, as people just became far too greedy for their own good. The Fountains Brunch has done the same, but it’s more than made up for it with gorgeous Hong-Kong inspired food. It’s pan-Asian food offers pho to order, dim sum, suhi and most surprising of all, porchetta. No need to moan though, it’s all rather tasty.

The Buffet at Wynn

This drastically designed buffet is just as pleasing to the eye as it is to the tongue. Wynn’s buffet is arococo explosion of floral fantasy, paving way for a crazy selection of gorgeous foods. The great thing about this buffet is that it has huge ranges for Vegan and Vegetarians, alongside their carnivore counterparts. At this buffet you’re bound to find gorgeous Alaskan Opilio crab, Wagyu beef lasagna and gorgeous sugary cakes. Beautiful.

The Aria Buffet

The Aria is somewhat overlooked when compared to the more well-established buffets in Las Vegas, but since its makeover there has been a much needed warm reception. It’s an Indian themed buffet and as such it offers everything from naan bread, carved kebab meata, speciality cheeses and deserts – even gluten free, for all that suffer with allergies.

Garden Court Buffet at Main Street Station

Last but not least is the Garden Court Buffet, which you’ll find in Downtown Las Vegas. If you’re on a budget this is the ideal choice for you. The room is airy and comfortable and the food, while not gourmet, is tasty and fills a hole. You’ll find everything in this diverse collection of food from burgers to oxtail soup.

So, there you have it, some of the tastiest casino buffets in Las Vegas. Before you jet off, why not head on over to Lucky Nugget Casino and practice your casino skills!

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