Batman fans will be pleased to hear that Batman: The Telltale Series has a new story to entertain and excite you. And if that’s not enough new Batman for you, why not give our The Dark Knight Rises pokie a spin too?

Episode 2: Children of Arkham


The second episode of the series is focused around Bruce Wayne’s backstory, and sees our hero digging into the circumstances surrounding his parents’ death.

It sees an old friend become a new antagonist as Batman continues to fight against Gotham’s corruption. Following on from the twists and turns of the first episode, we get to find out more about the universe this iteration of Batman lives in.

Without giving away too many spoilers, Batman discovers that there is a bigger plan afoot – one that revolves around the mysterious Children of Arkham, and exactly what they want.

The first episode of the game was released on August 2, so players have had to wait a couple of months before getting their hands on this new instalment. The game is being released in regular episodes – so it feels just like being a kid again, waiting for the new comic to come out.

The Telltale Series


The currently-releasing Batman games are a departure from anything else we’ve seen the Bat starring in. While they are loosely based on the iconic comic book series, they are a standalone adaptation. Plus, they’re being release by the same studio that was behind The Walking Dead games.

Once you’ve bought the game – which comes with the first episode, Realm of Shadows – each subsequent episode costs only a few dollars but will provide countless hours of intrigue.

With a multi-platform release across iOS, OS X, Windows, and two generations of the Playstation and Xbox consoles, The Telltale Series are going for a very wide appeal. The games are graphic adventures and utilise point-and-click mechanics to give a suitably retro feel.

It’s your job to make important choices that impact how the game plays out. How will you try and save Gotham, and what will you lose along the way?

It’s a fact that everyone loves Batman, whether he’s a brightly-coloured superhero beating up villains with cartoon sound effects, a Lego character that only works “in black (and sometimes very, very dark grey)”, or even Christian Bale looking moody in the rain. We’re looking forward to the next new episodes already – the suspense is killing us…

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