Germany boasts a range of excellent casinos. Whether you want to visit the five casinos on offer in Berlin or try out some other gambling-loving cities like Hamburg and Dortmund, there’s always somewhere to play. However, perhaps one of the best casinos comes from a spa town in Southwestern Germany’s Black Forest.

Of course, we mean Casino Baden-Baden. Offering all the classic casino games in a remarkable setting, it could be the perfect place for you to enjoy a weekend break and the entertainment that casino games bring.

It’s stylish and steeped in history

Casino tables Baden-Baden
The casino is one of the most stylish around, and easy on the eye.

Casino Baden-Baden has been around since the 18th century and is designed in line with French royal palaces, making it grand, picturesque and providing you with elegant surroundings. All this fits in well with the general view of the town.

Once you step inside, you will be met with similarly stylish décor. From red velvet carpets to oil paintings and golden chandeliers, amongst other impressive features, it’s the ideal venue to enjoy some high-quality gaming. Given that, the casino enforces a dress code, with players required to wear ‘appropriate attire for classical gaming’, which includes a jacket, shirt and tie for men. Similarly, women often turn up in ball gowns.

All your favourites are here

The casino has been open now since 1950 and provides all the casino classics that players would expect. If you are a fan of the slots, there are 130 to choose from. The bright lights, the unpredictability and the chance to land the jackpot ensure that the slots are popular and you won’t run out of options here.

Next, you have the traditional table games and there are 15 live tables available. They include the classics like blackjack, American or French roulette and poker. Given the glamourous setting, with you in your smartest attire you’ll feel like Bond as you watch the wheel spin or the hands get dealt.

However, it may be worth practicing beforehand on the quality table games that you can find at Lucky Nugget Casino. After all, you don’t want to make all that effort and end up losing, so hone your skills online before you hit the casino.

What’s more, if you are a poker fan, there are daily tournaments for you to enjoy, so be sure to check the times before you visit. Another game on offer with a live table is Punto Banco. This is similar to baccarat, except instead of trying to beat your fellow player, you’ll face-off against the dealer.

Plus, those friendly dealers will be happy to talk you through all the games and answer any questions. The live experience is what makes casinos so enjoyable and with 15 tables, Baden-Baden gives you the chance to sample everything that’s good about the casinos.

Casino players Baden-Baden
Players will enjoy the live table games available in the casino

There’s more to enjoy

To make visiting the Baden-Baden Casino even better, they have their own restaurant available to players. ‘The Grill’ offers a range of options including sushi and beef specialities and as you would expect it’s in a very sophisticated setting. The menu can be found online.

All in all, Baden-Baden casino is a classic casino in many ways. A grand building, a smart dress code and most importantly a range of great games, ensure that this is a favourite for many people. It may not be in a big city, but this casino can more than match most around the country.

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