Going to the casino can be an exhilarating experience, from the bright lights, the noise and the intense anticipation – and that’s before you even hit the tables. There is so much to do and so many ways in which a player can play, have fun and ultimately try to win.

However, going to the casino can also be a fairly daunting experience, particularly if it’s one of your first visits. Here we will look at the rookie mistakes that you need to avoid when you are at the casino. They may seem obvious to you, but if you follow our advice we are sure it will make your casino experience memorable and ensure that you don’t do anything stupid!

Know what you’re doing!

It may seem obvious, but when you go to the casino, you need to know what you’re doing – because a lot of people don’t. There is no excuse to go in and not know the rules of the games, in fact, you can absorb every little detail of the games thanks to apps and the online services.

For instance, get on to Lucky Nugget Casino and you could be playing blackjack whenever you want before you go to the casino. That will allow you to study the different hands, the different combinations and how you can do your best to get a successful outcome, and of course, whether you should stick or twist.

Transferring that to the casino should be straightforward, but it is important that you keep your composure, because you could feel more pressure when in different surroundings with more people watching. So, practice, know your game, and be prepared for the casino environment – then you will be ready to go and take them on with all the necessary knowledge.

As well as the knowledge of the game you are playing, there are some casino rules that are important to follow, such as placing your bets. Once you have staked your chips, they shouldn’t be touched again, you wait for the hand to progress, likewise when your cards are dealt face-up, you are expected to leave them alone.

Plan properly!

Once you know how to play the games, you then need to plan your budget, and this is really important! We know how the casino works; it is fast, it’s enthralling and unfortunately that makes it very easy for the more impulsive players to get caught up with the moment and begin raising the stakes and increasing the bets. Of course, that could lead to big wins, but let’s be honest, if you get reckless you usually lose, so it’s imperative that you maintain a budget and stick to it.

Have a plan in mind, say betting £5 every spin on the roulette, or whatever your game is and stick to it no matter what. If you don’t, you will suffer, both in the pocket and it can affect your night.

In this scenario it is best to prepare for the worst, if you have a number you are prepared to lose, then treat anything else as a bonus. Of course, there is no rule that you have to lose, but if you are comfortable with the worst case scenario it will be a manageable night.

The real issues come when you try and chase losses, it is a common mistake, particularly for first time players. We’ve all been there, the frustration at a bad hand grows and then you are desperate to recover. Don’t! We can’t emphasise this enough – don’t do it! It will lead to a slippery, dangerous slope. Plus, the casino is open all night, you don’t need to win your money back on the next hand! Chill.

The solution is simple, go back to the budget that you will have made, and stick to it. After winning, it is tempting to raise the stakes, but that can then lead to chasing losses in the long run, but if you do initially raise the stakes, go back if you lose.

This is clearly a vital part of any casino experience, and it’s all relative to your situation. Bet what you can afford, don’t chase your losses and stick to a plan that you outline before you arrive, then you should have fun and even if the cards go the wrong way you can still have a memorable night.

Maintain casino etiquette

Despite the thrilling nature of the casino, we have already covered how the adrenaline can get pumping and people can get carried away in this environment, and to a certain extent that is fine. Nevertheless, if it crosses the line you could end up in serious trouble, for a range of reasons.

Firstly, the drinking. Don’t get us wrong, having a drink is a necessity to most at the casino. In your sharp suit, with your friends, having fun, who wouldn’t want a drink? A James Bond style cocktail for the men, a tasty alternative for the women. Perfect.

However, we don’t need to spell out the dangers of drinking and decision making with money. Disaster. It’s vital to keep your discipline for financial reasons, if you start throwing money about after a few too many drinks then it’s likely you could make a few wrong calls. Casinos require composure, quick-thinking and consideration, if you are drunk then it’s a lot harder to display those qualities. As well as that, if you drink too much and get carried away you could make the casino experience a horrible one not just for you, but for fellow players.

Drinking can lead to aggression in a lot of people and that can come across to the people on your table and even the dealer. Unfortunately, many people have been known to blame the dealer for a bad hand no matter what they’ve had to drink but I’m sure you’d all agree the chances of an outburst increase after you have had a few beers.

It’s important to respect the dealers, they’d probably want you to win anyway as it increases the chance of them getting a tip, plus all the games are about chance, so blaming them just makes you look stupid and will result in ejection from the casino. Not the way to end the night.

There will be all sorts of people at the casino, loud players, quiet players, but no matter who they are, it is important you respect everyone, any conflict will get you removed and could cost you a lot of money.

So enjoy your night, enjoy your drinking, but don’t get out of hand. We all know that somebody who cannot handle their drink – if you don’t, it’s probably you! For that person it is best they calm it down, drinking excessively will result in poor decision making and also can lead to aggression and behaviour you would regret. Don’t let it spoil your night!

Forget the myths

This isn’t a big issue with going to the casino, yet it is still worth pointing out. You will have heard them all before, the easy ways to get a win at the casino – except there’s no easy way. Whether it’s the hot and cold numbers on the roulette, bad players ruining your hand or the fact that you are ‘due’ a win, we’ve heard them all. Despite none of them being true you will still find many players who abide by these theories, and whilst it does no harm, it certainly does no positive, as claimed.

Each spin on the roulette is independent, and no matter what you hear, nothing will change that. Another myth is that you have to speculate to accumulate, basically meaning you have to spend big in order to win big. Of course, the bigger the stakes, the more chance you have of winning big, no one will argue that, however, it’s not definite, and there is nothing stopping you working your way up and gradually increasing your earnings, so don’t get reckless early on because you think it is the only way to hit the big wins.

Whether you are staking big or just having a little flutter, it is best to plan your bets, and do all the necessary groundwork before you place, small or large – that’s the way to win.

So, don’t fall into the trap of believing all you hear. There is no quick way to being successful at the casino and there is no formula to follow that will guarantee success. Treat each hand or spin independently and be aware that anything can happen – enjoy the unpredictability.


 Remember it’s FUN!

Yes, despite all the warnings on here, this shouldn’t put you off – the casino is fun, and it can be a great night. Going out with family and friends, putting on your best outfits and meeting a lot of new people. Throw in some fantastic games, a few drinks and the bright lights, colour and the anticipation that fills the room, it really can be a memorable occasion.

All of the games prove that. Take the buzz of the roulette wheel, where you wait in excitement to see where the ball lands, if your number will come up or if it will win you some money, red or black? Odd or even? It is lightning fast, tense and fun.

Or poker where you see if you can beat the table with your ability to bluff, the thrill of the challenge of trying to get through with a bad hand. Then, on the opposite scale, going all in with a royal flush knowing that you won’t be beaten.

As well as that, there is blackjack where one hand can be the difference between winning or losing, which makes for a real nervous excitement. Not forgetting the slots, the eye-catching colours, the speed of the spin and the chance to win the big jackpot, it’s extremely gripping.

It is important you don’t lose sight of that when visiting the casino, a rookie mistake can be taking the casino too seriously and forgetting what you are there for. That will lead to you putting more pressure on yourself than you should and inevitable losses. Calming down, remembering it is fun will ensure that you enjoy the night, and whilst you cannot guarantee a win it will allow you to appreciate all aspects of the casino that make it so good.

Also, as mentioned, the unpredictability is what makes the casino so enthralling, and unfortunately that means you can lose. If you do, don’t chase, lose what you can afford and accept losses happen, chasing never ends well. If you do all of this, relax and enjoy yourself then whatever the outcome, you will have a great night. The casino is about entertainment, it’s about fun and giving players a thrill. You will get that without a doubt, and avoiding these rookie mistakes means that your casino experience will be everything you hoped for.

So there you have it, follow this advice and don’t fall into the trap of making rookie mistakes. Start with getting to know the casino and the games you want to play, and don’t forget that you can try all the games online and play in practice mode online if you are not prepared to risk any money. Then set your own budgets and make it what you can afford, that way whatever happens you won’t leave the casino in a bad way.

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