Auckland Casino is soon to get a brand new neighbour in the form of the SkyCity Convention Centre, which is made up of a 5-star hotel and a 1300 space, multi storey car park. This monster convention centre is set to be a big pull for the town of Auckland, with half a billion dollars set to be pumped into its construction.

Work is expected to take around 3-years to complete.

SkyCity’s Nigel Morrison, who were also responsible for renovating the Adelaide Casino, which we covered in a previous article, said it was a difficult process, but in the end came to a final agreement on price.

“As it’s taken six years, there have been many points along that journey where we’ve thought this isn’t going to happen, why are we wasting our time? But to finally get here and now see it as a reality – and I think that happened when we signed the contract with Fletcher’s just over a month ago now – so to get to that point and today being the real start of the process, it’s been something we all very proud of.”

Fletcher’s, according to Morrison, have a great track record of getting things done and SkyCity have full confidence in their services.

If you were worried about traffic obstruction, you need not worry, as Fletcher’s chief exec had stated that traffic disruption will be at a minimum, even though the project is monumental.

Also included will be a range of restaurants, shops and entertainment complexes to keep the people of Auckland, and surrounding visitors, entertained.

But, what does this mean for Auckland Casino?

Well, quite simply, it means there’s going to be plenty more people in town looking to have a dabble at the casino. Whilst they might be tempted to play online, the complex will put them in the area and they just might be tempted to pay a quick visit.

It will also benefit the local economy with more people in the area spending money. The large multi-storey car park will also provide plenty more parking spaces for the punters.

Basically, by combining the two centres – the casino and the new SkyCity complex – it will provide a more wholesome experience for the citizen of Auckland. If people were looking for a complete experience, well, they’ve finally got it.

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