The casinos are great fun. Whether it is playing online at Lucky Nugget Casino or going to the local casino, the chance to experience the thrill and excitement of the roulette wheel, the unknown of blackjack or going all-in on the poker table is unrivalled. It seems that the people of New Zealand just can’t get enough of it either, with SkyCity Entertainment Group posting record profits.

They are responsible for four casinos in New Zealand, and here are the details.

Tourism boost helps profits soar

The group posted a 13% gain in full-year profit which came primarily because of its key Auckland casino along with a record-activity high from the high-roller gamblers out there. The net profit for the company has risen to $145.7m.

The rise in popularity could be put down to the boom that is surrounding the whole country at the minute. Tourism and migration are at a record high and as more people visit the country that boosts the economy.

Which in hand gives people more money, and so the casinos begin to feel the benefit of punters loosening the purse strings.

As well as that, after significant investment into the Auckland casino, they are now receiving the benefits from that. The complex received a boost from the new gaming concessions, along with cashless payment technology which makes transactions easier.

Then with the increase in high-roller activity it is easy to see why the profits soared.

Room for growth

After continued investment from the Auckland based company, they hope that profits will continue to grow with scope for improvement.

The investment that was provided into the facilities will mean that they continue to be one of the better options for players across the country and as the reputation remains stellar, the players should keep on arriving.

Plus, as tourism, particularly from Asia continues to rise, then interest should remain high as people enjoy themselves whilst on vacation. So whilst, this year has been a very successful time, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t get any better!

So, there you have it, SkyCity Entertainment have delivered some top class casinos to New Zealand, and Australia, and they are reaping the benefits. With the economic situation on the rise and players enjoying the great facilities on offer, they can hope to make the excellent figures that they’ve just posted a common occurrence over the years.

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