Cat burglary pays off

Some will go on at great length about the damage we’re doing to the environment, and by extension, the living habitats of animals. But does anyone ever take the time to talk about the reality of the situation, that the effect our environmental changes are causing animals to act out of control, breaking the law and causing chaos across the world doing things they normally wouldn’t do. Yes, it’s an epidemic, and enough to make you just stay indoors, hide from the danger and bide your time playing at one of the best online casino Canada has to offer, because at least it’s safe there!

However, let’s take a closer look at the animal menace, and the real, malicious crimes they have committed. Really, though, these are animals that have committed real crimes, obviously not intentionally. Still, it makes for a good few laughs. Also, don’t leave your wallet lying around. We heard your cat has been eyeballing it suspiciously… You’ll see what we mean later.

The Car Jacking Bear

In August 2011, Ron Cornelius, resident of Colorado, was jolted awake by the sound of a car smashing into his mailbox. Being that Ron is a smart man, and wise to the ways of the devious black bear, he knew instantly what had occurred; bear car jacking.

Actually, Ron had no idea and was extremely confused. But, upon closer inspection he found the smoking gun; bear faeces in the front seat of the car. It turns out a bear had broken into the car looking for a snack, only to accidentally put the vehicle into gear and roll it into the mailbox. Did we say accidentally? We leave it up for you to decide.

Emu Terrorising Rampage

Acting Sergeant Zoe Parnell of south western England was called in to deal with a savage, resident-harassing emu. Being aware that the giant birds are not native to the area, she wisely determined that the creature had escaped from captivity, and now sought revenge on its captors.

Luckily the emu was caught before it caused any real harm, but not before it had gone door to door, attempting multiple breaking and entering felonies.

The face of a felon
Source: Pixabay

The Sloth Intruder

In Costa Rica you face one risk that most need not worry about; sloth invasion. Late one night a sloth, driven on by hunger, snuck into a cafe, managing to get past cameras and security guards, in what can only be described as a ninja worthy effort. Scrap that, in an effort far exceeding what even the stealthiest of ninjas could hope to achieve.

After finally being apprehended, the security team reviewed the camera footage, gazing in awe at the slowest cafe invasion they had ever witnessed. It seems that an extremely slow pace was the key to all the sloth’s next level sneaky techniques. Ninjas may just learn a thing or two.

The Feline Cash Snatcher

Stuart McDaniel arrived at work one day only to discover a mysterious pile of money at a glass door in his office. Upon investigation he learned that the mascot of the building, a sneaky cat known as Sir Whines-A-Lot, had been snatching money from clients. The official story is that clients were teasing the cat with paper money, only for the greedy feline to snatch the cash and run off with it. Claims are that the cat did it because it was merely being playful, but looking at the rest of this list, we know the truth.

Either way, Stuart turned the thievery of the cat into a charitable endeavour, donating all the cash Sir Whines-A-Lot stole to a local charity. How disheartened the poor criminal cat must feel, knowing that all his efforts are being turned over for charitable causes. Maybe he can team up with the bear, and the two can steal cars as a duo of animal mischief!

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