There’s big news for residents of Adelaide, the cosmopolitan coastal capital of Australia. There’s news of money being spent on the Adelaide Central Plaza, $610 million to be exact. That’s not all though, there’s a whopping $300 million to be spent on the Adelaide Casino. This will include developing a luxury hotel and new prestigious restaurants, amongst a variety of other brilliant new features.

One of the main draws of this revamped casino will be the international VIP gaming suite, where only the best of the best will play; so it’s well worth practising your blackjack and roulette before you head on over to take on the world’s crème de la crème.

Revamped And Ready To Go!

With this huge injection of money you can expect to find brand new gaming tables along with a range of 550+ video poker games. The Adelaide casino is set to be a pull for tourists and to prepare for this, SkyCity – the casino’s parent company – have announced a state-of-the-art new hotel complex. International players will now be able to relax and enjoy their gambling trips in complete comfort and luxury.

If you are looking for a great place to eat in-between gaming sessions, then take a trip to the three new restaurants managed by renowned chefs from across the world. Michelin star food is not something you can normally experience whilst playing online!

Furthermore, there will be a 24-storey office built as part of the $610 million Festival Central plaza which will host a variety of businesses and clients. The potential for growth is huge and this development is sure to bring more business into the city of Adelaide.

This new development is sure to generate further opportunities within the Adelaide area and will boost employment figures. This is great news for residents of Adelaide and surrounding areas, which surely can’t wait for the new plaza to be built.  Ultimately, it’s brilliant news for South Australia.

The New International Hub

If you’re looking to play with the high rollers from further afield, you need to start learning your blackjack strategy. It is clear from Mr Morrison – Chief Exec of SkyCity – that attracting internationals is his main priority. “Developing a complex that boasts luxurious VIP facilities, along with outstanding accommodation and signature dining experiences attracts both international and domestic visitors.”

It seems that Mr Morrison’s big idea is to turn Adelaide into an entertainment precinct. With tourism being such big money, it’s no surprise this is his main aim. He goes on to say that “this development will help transform Station Rd into a true entertainment precinct”. Truly exciting times for all residents.

So, get your practice in before you venture on over to Adelaide and head on over to – Australia’s number one online casino!

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