We all love the casino and the experience of playing the games. Whether it is the intense anticipation as you wait to see where the spin ends up on the roulette wheel, the hope that engulfs you as you seek a card in blackjack, or trying to bluff your way to victory on the poker table, the games are full of fun and excitement.

However, another feature that makes gaming what it is, is perhaps taken for granted. The graphics, the sounds, the game-play, all work seamlessly to create the games that we spend so much of our time enjoying. You just naturally expect everything to work, and it is down to certain people that it does.

Here we will look at the companies behind those games and give you a round-up of who they are and what you can expect to look forward to in the future.

Microgaming – where it all began

Microgaming are the world’s leading supplier of online gaming software and arrived on the scene in 1994 when they created the first true online casino. How things have changed since then.

Of course, the casino world is forever evolving and it’s a testament to Microgaming and the work that they do that they have managed to keep ahead of the rest of the game and attract new clients and continuously provided a service that the players not only enjoy, but need.

What they offer

Well, as you would expect for a leading figure in the market, the answer is a lot! Plus, to make it even better for those players out there, they release new games each month. It’s a never-ending supply!

Firstly, we will look at the amount of games that Microgaming provide, it is over 850! There are so many games that you will know that are supplied by the company and as mentioned, the new games are continuous. Also, there are over 500 brands that use the Microgaming software.

Of the 850 games, there are, of course, a lot of variety. The latest slots are available, American and European roulette, blackjack, and poker and video poker. Whatever you would want from the casino, Microgaming will provide.

With the poker, blackjack, and roulette, there is little scope for input from Microgaming, they provide you with the casino classics that you want. However, with the slots, they differentiate. You can find war themed slots, sports themed slots and the latest releases. There really is a slot for everyone. They also offer slots that are inspired by the movies you watch. See, something for everyone.

Microgaming are the chief supplier of Lucky Nugget Casino, and you can see first-hand the great games they supply, so get involved, and good luck!

How they adapted

As you all know, the casino world is a much different place to when Microgaming began their journey in 1994 and they have adapted and altered their product along the way. For instance, their focus on mobile gaming now is evidence of that.

There are over 350 mobile games provided by Microgaming, as players turn to their devices at increasing regularity to play their games. Our phones have given us the platform to play games on the move, wherever we want, and Microgaming have recognised this fact and offered a service that is perfect for our devices.

They’re very generous too

Yes, the casino is fun, we have touched on the thrill that you can get, but let’s be honest, we play the casino for one thing – to win! You want the jackpot, the big win, and nobody likes to lose money and that’s another reason for you to play a Microgaming product. You can win big!

There are many progressive jackpots that are accessible for players, where the prize will keep rising until the jackpot is claimed, and a staggering €595m has been paid out from just those games alone! As well as that, £5.88m was scooped by a lucky player on the online bingo. So it’s not just the slots that provide you with the big money.

What’s new?


Microgaming release new slots all the time, and here we will give you a little glimpse into what has been announced recently. The first is called Bikini Party, ideal for the summer as you all gear up for the beaches and maybe even Vegas for the casino. It involved five volleyball players, but you will be more interested to know that it’s another slot that gives you 243 ways to win and the chance to scoop 60,000 coins from the 0.25 minimum stake that’s required. Not bad!

It also contains a new feature, that allows you to respin a specific reel, for a fee, if you are tantalisingly close to victory. Dragon Dance is another new slot, that will have bonuses and free spins galore, which shows that Microgaming will be keeping things colourful, fun and exciting this summer. You may be off partying, but they will continue developing.

Playtech continuing to grow

The second company that we will look at is Playtech, who are another provider of gaming and sports betting software, with more emphasis on sport than Microgaming.

Started in 1999 they offer the same range of products that we have listed with Microgaming, giving the player everything they could want from a casino perspective. The latest games, the latest software and constantly updating and analysing their existing software in order to maintain their excellent reputation.

They aim to allow players to seamlessly integrate and play new games to deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

Working with names

In something of a coup, the company managed to add Ladbrokes to their list of clients when they struck a deal in 2013.

It meant that Playtech would be the chief supplier of all of the games that Ladbrokes offer, from their casino section to the fixed-odds betting terminals that you would find in the shops. Working with a recognised brand like that, along with others, emphasised that they were huge players in the market.

As well as Ladbrokes, they work with Coral who offer players a range of casino games, with their very own Vegas tab along with live options and a range of sportsbook markets.

Revenue on the rise

To demonstrate how Playtech have emerged as a major provider of software in the casino industry you only have to look at the revenue levels that they have boasted in recent years.

2014 saw a significant rise in revenue, by 24% which saw it reach a whopping €457m. 13% of the rise in revenue arrived from an increase in their existing business which was predominantly down to their growth in mobile casino, sport and Asia. The growth in mobile casino is significant for Playtech as at that time it proved again that they were aware of the influence that the mobile gaming would have and how it would grow.

Two years later and we are using our mobile for casino gaming, and gaming in general, more than ever before, so again it highlights the forward thinking nature of the company to capitalise on the player’s needs.

Yet, the revenue would only continue to boom over the next year or two. The latest figures from 31st December 2015, show that revenue was up 38% to a huge €630.1m. Again, a lot was down to the gaming division that reported a double digit increase, and once again a rise in mobile gaming played more than a big part in the rise in revenue.

Their influence within the UK is also growing, which was improved by working with some of the names we have already mentioned.

What’s on offer?

As you would expect with such a big name, there are a range of games that are accessible for the players. The casino classics are there, and the slot game gives a lot of options, much like Microgaming.

You can seek the big jackpot on the progressive slots or choose a game that will suit our smaller budget – and play for a penny! Plus, you can find a lot that are themed. For the boxing fans, fancy winning with Rocky? You will find all the famous faces from the great movies on show. Playtech have options for everyone.

So, as you can see, things are looking good for Playtech, revenue on the rise, their client list expanding and software to produce the best games a player could want. Nice!


RTG breaking through

Another software provider that are beginning to have more influence on the casino industry are Real Time Gaming, who are known as RTG.

What’s on offer

Again, like the competition they have a range of casino games that will appeal, progressive slots, poker, baccarat, you name it, they’ll have it if it is connected to the casino.

They also offer players small windowed games, which can be very useful for those of you who like to multi-task as it means you can play multiple games at the same time, which may even add to the excitement!

Reliable and quick

Given the amount of focus that RTG have on the casino market, and in particular the slots, they have adopted a software that is reliable and quick which ensures for a very easy way for players to play.

There are no breaks, pauses or disruption to the flow which may make your gaming experience uncomfortable. Instead, with the latest software and technology and the constant checking and updating to keep it up to speed, you can achieve the gaming experience that you crave.

RTG may not be as high profile as the other two software developers but they still have a successful online presence and have certainly made a mark since their introduction in 1998.

So, there you have it, a look at some of the biggest names behind the casino industry and how they manage to provide the players with the latest and greatest looks that make gaming what it is. With fantastic games, from roulette, to poker to progressive slots with jackpots you can find it all on the casinos that you want and that is down to the software providers who work to ensure that when you play you are working with the best possible. Microgaming are a major name in the industry, highlighted with the range of products and new games that they consistently develop, with Playtech not far behind. Whilst RTG are one of a number of lower key producers who still do a great job. All in all, the fierce levels of competition and high quality software that the technology and companies provide mean that the winners are the players, who get the ultimate gaming experience.

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