The main difference between Lucky Nugget’s slot machines and the classic slots that originate from traditional casinos is the number of paylines that each contains.

Classic slot machines only utilise one payline, which is a single line that runs straight through the centre of the reel. This is the traditional format which originates from the 1895 slot machine designed by Charles Fay. With the invention of the modern-day computer, Vegas-style slot machines are now capable of utilising up to 300 paylines, all with increasing complexity.

Ask any slots enthusiast to explain how a payline works and most will give you a very roundabout answer. The truth is that paylines – like love – works in mysterious ways. Unfortunately, understanding how paylines work is key to making a profit – that’s why we feel it’s important for you to understand the process.

Different Slots, Different Paylines

In this section, we’re going to take a look at how paylines work on modern-day slot machine.

Quite simply, a payline is a sequence of positions on a slot machine from left to right, where wins are awarded for matching like symbols.

As you know, the modern day slot machine contains many paylines; the number of lines is limited by the potential number of winning combinations and this is limited by the amount of reels a game contains.

If you’re playing on a slot with three reels, the maximum number of lines available will be less than a machine with five reels. Of course, this varies between games, as a slot with five reels might only utilise two paylines.

To get an idea of how paylines can be structured take a look at the image below:


The first four paylines in this game are straight, the rest take various routes across the reels. Basically, if a game contains fifty paylines, there are 50 ways the game recognises getting from the left to the right side of the reel.

Thunderstruck and its paylines

In this section, we’re going to take a look at one of our most popular slots ‘Thunderstruck II’ and how the ‘243 ways to pay’ system works

Thunderstruck II is one of Lucky Nugget’s most popular games. It’s a feature-rich slot that contains a large number of wild and scatter symbols, triggering a gargantuan amount of free spins. Also included is a randomly activated WildStorm Bonus Game which has the potential to be extremely profitable.

With 5 reels, 6x multipliers up to and 243 ways to win, Lucky Nugget is the ultimate place to enjoy Thunderstruck II.

The key difference between the Thunderstruck II slot and other slots is the way prizes are awarded. Instead of having specific paylines, it uses a system called ‘way wins’, which means regardless of how the symbols connect, as long as they do, a prize will be rewarded. In other words, each symbol works like a scatter symbol.

thunderstruck paylines

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