The odds of winning the New Zealand lotto are pretty bleak as it is, and striking it rich whilst playing against such astronomical odds are nigh on impossible. It is amongst one of the least likely ways to strike it rich as opposed to trying your hand in the casino. The odds of winning any given prize are highlighted below:

Division Match Required Odds
1 6 main Lotto numbers and Powerball 1 : 3,838,380
2 5 main Lotto numbers, bonus ball and Powerball 1 : 639,730
3 5 main Lotto numbers and Powerball 1 : 19,386
4 4 main Lotto numbers, bonus ball and Powerball 1 : 7,754
5 4 main Lotto numbers and Powerball 1 : 485
6 3 main Lotto numbers, bonus ball and Powerball 1 : 363

As you can see the odds of winning the New Zealand lottery – which involves picking 6 main numbers and the powerball – is 3,838,380 to 1. This might sound rather unlikely, but honestly, it’s nothing compared to the odds of winning the British National Lottery, at 45,000,000 to 1.

Anyway, let’s take a look at each category of the New Zealand lottery and see what else you could get for those odds.

3 Lotto Numbers, Bonus Ball And Powerball (363/1) vs Dating A Millionaire (251/1)

The lowest prize you can win in the New Zealand lottery is matching three main numbers and either the bonus ball or the powerball (if you opt to play the powerball game). According to a number of websites it is much more likely you are to date a millionaire than winning the lowest tier prize.

You have a 215/1 long shot of dating Gina Rinehart. She’s pretty minted! Also a billionaire!

4 Lotto Numbers And Powerball (1/485) vs Dying From Heart Disease (1/438)

Next up on the list is landing 4 lotto numbers and the powerball which can return you on average $12, is less likelier to occur that you dying from heart disease, which is obviously not what we want to happen. We’re just trying to put in in perspective. It’s not really that easy to win the lottery!

Look after your ticker. You have more chance of a heart attack than landing four numbers!

4 Lotto Numbers, Bonus Ball And Powerball (1/7,754) vs Dying In A Car Accident (1/438)

Now, this is where things start to get a little silly. You are more likely to die in a car accident than, for example, matching 4 numbers, the bonus ball and the powerball.  There’s a common theme arising here and it all seems to be death related. Apologies.

Keep your eyes on the road and not your lottery ticket! You’re more likely to die in a traffic accident.

5 Lotto Numbers And Powerball (1/ 19,386) vs Becoming A professional Athlete (1/22,000)

So, the odds of landing 5 numbers and the powerball is only slightly more likely than you becoming the next Paula Radcliffe or Valerie Adams. Don your running shoes and head out on the track, because you’ve got nearly as much of a chance of dominating the 100m hurdles than bagging yourself a tonne of cash.

You’ve got nearly as much chance of being the next Valerie Adams!

5 Lotto Numbers, Powerball And Bonus Ball (1/ 639,730) vs Odds Of Being Killed By A Firework (1/616,488)

You’re out celebrating after you’ve bagged yourself around $15,000 from the lottery. Nice tidy win, let’s be honest. The wife has bought some fireworks and although it’s in the middle of the summer you agree, because, you know, you’re minted. She lights one off and it looks very pretty, a little bright though, a lot warmer than you thought and then BANG! Suddenly you’re stood outside the pearly gates after being killed by a firework.

Unlikely, we agree, but still more likely than landing 5 lotto numbers, the powerball and the bonus ball. You’d be better off playing at the casino for those odds!

At least you’ll have something pretty to look at from heaven!

6 Lotto Numbers And The Powerball (1/ 3,383,380) vs Seeing A UFO (1/3,000,000)

You can probably tell that things are starting to get a little crazy now, but according to a number of reliable websites, the odds of sighting a UFO are around 3 million to 1. Get you binoculars out and start searching the skies for those mysterious aliens. You’ve probably got more chance to be honest.

Look, look, it's your chances of winning the jackpot floating away.
Look, look, it’s your chances of winning the jackpot floating away.

Honestly, try your hand at blackjack or roulette or something. Your odds of winning the lottery are bleak. Fancy improving your game? Head on over to Lucky Nugget Casino and get some practice in!

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