Video poker is a game enjoyed by millions across the world. Unfortunately, since people don’t really know how to play video poker properly, they often lose bags of cash! That’s why we are here, to give you the best tips for playing video poker.

Maximum Coins

Always bet the maximum coins you can! Betting the highest means you will get better pay-outs with successful hands. This also gives you great pay-outs when a royal flush comes along. Although playing with maximum coins doesn’t increase your odds of winning, it does mean that when you do win, it’ll be more than worth it.  Make sure you have enough bankroll to keep playing with maximum coins though, as you don’t want to have to quit early when a royal flush could be just around the corner.


Don’t rely on the old wives’ tales about video poker, most of them tend to be untrue. Stick to the facts of the game and you’ll go far. When have superstitions every really worked in anyone’s favour without it just being sheer coincidence?

On the other hand, if you do feel that good luck charms and superstitions will help you, then we can’t tell you otherwise. We’re only here to give you the tips we know, which includes not relying on superstitions.

Find A Full Pay Machine

Full pay machines offer the best odds and optimal pay-outs. When trying to find one of these machines, make sure to look for the pay-out for a full house and royal flush. If the win is bad, then make sure to stay away from this machine, unless you want to lose your money. The full pay video poker machines tend to have the best odds out there, so stick to the statistics and win some money!

Follow The Perfect Strategy

When it comes to video poker, strategy is key to winning. If you know the statistics and the odds, follow your strategy to have a great game. You can easily find loads of strategy guides online to help you out. Maybe have a guide open while you’re playing the game — this way you know exactly what to do in every situation.  Another tip might be to print off the for reference while playing, this way it’s easy to follow.

Play for Stakes You Can Afford

Everyone loves to win, and everyone wants to win, but not everyone can win. Knowing the limit of what you can afford is the key to playing well. If you know that losing several hundred credits would be a disaster, then you can’t afford the stakes you’re playing at. If this is the case, take it down a notch and play for stakes that you can afford, so you don’t have any risk of losing all of your bankroll.

Practice with Play Money First

Practice, practice, practice! Make sure you practice a lot before playing with real money. This way, you don’t run the risk of losing all your money. There’s plenty of online training software available, providing pointers, tips and advice.  After making the same mistakes a few times, you’ll know exactly what to do. Once you have all the skills to play, you are ready to hit online video poker. Just make sure when you move to playing with real money you have the same skills in hand when you were practising, don’t fall under the pressure of using actual money. If need be, pretend you are still practising to help you focus.

Do Not Lose Focus

Focus is really important when playing any game where you are risking real money. With video poker, make sure not to lose focus as you may miss a move, or forget where you are on your strategy. Keeping focus makes sure you know what is going on, and this way you can’t miss anything. Just remember, focus, keep to your strategy and don’t let anything distract you.

Overall Tips and Tricks

The tips above are probably the most important out of the lot, but there are several others you can learn. Here is just a quick overview of the others we found.

Stick to one or two types of games:

Make sure you only play a couple types of games. Playing a lot of variety will end up confusing you on the pay-outs for the different hands. Stick to the game you know has a good pay out and you know how to play well.

Don’t follow hunches:

This game isn’t about hunches. Stick to your strategy, not what you think you should do. Going off course could result in you losing money.  Remember this game is about strategy, not gut feeling.

Find a good quality, high pay-out machine:

Overall, find a machine that you enjoy playing on, but make sure it also has a high pay-out so you can get the most out of your game.

So, there you have it our best video poker tips for you. Here is everything you need to be successful and have a good time with good wins. What do you think about video poker? Let us at Lucky Nugget know by dropping a comment down below.

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