If you’re a regular viewer of Game Of Thrones, you’ll have learned by now that people die. A lot. Beloved characters, whose story arcs you’ve gone through every emotion with, can be indiscriminately ended by them paying the ultimate (Iron) price.

No character in the HBO smash hit’s ensemble cast is safe. That got us thinking about who could be bumped off next? Here are five potential candidates:

Ramsay Bolton

Who among us wouldn’t like to see Ramsay get his comeuppance? We could spend all day listing his crimes, and this is one sociopath who without doubt deserves a gruesome death. Repaying his father Roose, who naturalised this illegitimate son, by murdering him, stepmother Walder and a newly-born half-brother, Ramsay has been utterly ruthless and is beneath contempt. Let’s not forget rape and torture, and some rather wild hunts. Ramsay is less popular than Donald Trump in Mexico. His end could well be coming with Jon Snow and the Wildling forces leaving Castle Black, and Winterfell is just a short march away through the snows. Winter is coming, and we’d make Ramsay a fantastic 4/1 chance to be next to die.


Surprised to see Gilly on this list? Think about it. Samwell Tarly’s father sent him to The Wall to be rid of his unwanted son forever. How is Randyll going to feel when a wildling woman with a baby whom is de facto fathered by Sam (but not biologically his) rocks up at Hornhill? Although Sam’s other relatives are always spoken about in more positive notes, charity in House Tarly will be dispensed or withheld from Gilly by the family’s powerful patriarch. Watch this space, with Gilly a 16/1 shot to be the next character killed.

Rickon Stark

Being Ramsay’s latest hostage does not bode well for the youngest surviving member of House Stark. Popular character and the star of our popular Game of Throne slot, Theon Greyjoy might have survived a flaying, albeit becoming a eunuch in the process; but will a boy? Given all the truly awful and harrowing things Ramsay has done, you cannot put it past him to maim and mutilate Rickon. Having just murdered his own family, the new Lord Bolton would surely have little compunction in harming his brother-in-law to provoke a response from estranged wife Sansa and her recently revived half-brother Jon Snow. Rickon is peril, no doubt, but immediate danger for his life seems less likely in the hands of skilled torturer Ramsay. We’re quoting 25/1 on Rickon dying next.

Jorah Mormont

Greyscale tends to kill people who contract it. Shireen Baratheon, the daughter of Stannis sacrificed to the Lord of Light by Melisandre in vain in one of the grimmer moments of series five, is among the rare few to have had the condition successfully treated. This does not bode well for Daenerys Targaryen’s loyal servant Jorah the Andal, who sold himself into slavery just to try and get back to her. In the company of captive Tyrion Lannister, the Stone Men struck as they tried to sneak back into Slavers Bay via Old Valyria. It has last Bear Island native Jorah a dead man walking. With his beloved Khaleesi hauled back to Vaes Dorthrak where she lives among the widows of other Khals, could a heroic death trying to free Dany from the dosh khaleen save dead man walking Mormont from an even worse fate? There’s certainly more reason for him to be worried than current travelling companion Daario Naharis. Jorah is a 13/2 chance to the next Game Of Thrones character to croak.

High Sparrow

When you make Queen Mother Cersei Lannister walk through the streets of King’s Landing covered in filth to atone for alleged incest among other crimes against the Gods, there’s going to be payback. The sixth season of Game Of Thrones is continually teasing the death of the High Sparrow, with confrontations between Jonathan Pryce’s character and Jamie Lannister and then King Tommen occurring in episodes two and three. He’s now got a reanimated Lannister vassal Ser Gregor Clegane, courtesy of Qyburn’s necromantic Frankenstein-esque activities, ready to avenge Cersei’s humiliation. We go short odds of 6/4 on the High Sparrow’s chickens coming home to roost in the form of a greatsword clefting him in twain. A trial by combat featuring the Mountain, as the elder Clegane sibling is nicknamed, is set to be forthcoming at Cersei’s holy inquest. There is no greater champion of religion than the High Sparrow, but we’re expecting him to be martyred rather than pull off a David and Goliath style giant-killing.​

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