Whether your partner loves the casino, a bit of poker or maybe a dabble on the horses, the generic gift box isn’t going to cut it this Christmas. Sure, they’ll probably tell you how much they love the quirky socks, the manly tool set or the baggy pair of jeans, but let’s be honest, if their biggest love is playing at Canada’s number one online casino,  then they’re going to want a Christmas gift that’s gambling related.

Here at Lucky Nugget Casino we’d love to help you out this Christmas. So, to do just that, we’ve rounded up five of our favourite gambling gifts for your gambling mad partner. Let us know what you think about our selection in the comments section below.

Merry Christmas!

1) Vegas-Style Slot Machine

Slot Machine
Come on! It’s adorable.

If your partner is a huge fan of the slots then they’re going to love this cure little slot machine that doubles up as a piggy bank.

This mini slot machine features flashing lights, sounds and even pays out with your own money as winnings. It’s not quite Mega Moolah, but you’re partner is sure to have plenty of fun.

2) Roulette Drinking Game

Roulette Wheel
Get tipsy while playing slots. The ideal casino night!

If your partner has had enough of playing roulette online why not treat them to their very own wheel. You could even get away with giving two gifts at once by agreeing to be their croupier for the night.

This game works by filling half the shot glasses with a clear spirit and half the shot glasses with water. Spin the roulette wheel and whatever colour it lands on your drink. You get a reprieve if you land on the green slot, which everybody secretly wants. Nobody wants a hangover with their gambling gifts so be sensible.

3) A 14K Golden Playing Card Themed Ring

14 carat gold for the ultimate gambling gangster!

If your partner is an absolute gangster and wants to look the blingest in his crew, then treat your original G to a hip 14 carat gold playing card themed ring with a miniature encrusted diamond. They will be bopping all the way to the ghetto wearing their new prized possession.

Of course, these rings cost upwards of $2500 which puts them in the range of pricey gambling gifts. If you are going to spend that much on a ring you may as well just take them to Las Vegas for the week. They’ll probably prefer that over a hip gold ring.

4) Their Own Personalised Gambling Sign

Gambling placard
They’re personalised. They’re not just for Anthony.

If your partner is poker mad then they’re going to love their own personalised poker sign – even if you haven’t allowed them to have their own poker room yet. These kind of gifts are often the nicest as it really shows you care about them.

Just don’t let them have their own poker room as you’ll never seem them again. Just make sure they know that the sign is the closest they’ll ever get to their own poker room.

5) Vegas Baby!


When it comes to gambling gifts a trip to Las Vegas beats everything. It’s the ultimate holiday destination for anybody who is casino mad. It might be a little more expensive than a personalised poker sign, but they’re going to love you forever.  Just make sure they get a little bit of practice online before you both jet off.

So, there you have it, our top 5 gambling gifts to treat your loved gambling mad partner this Christmas. You’d better hurry up though as Christmas is just around the corner. Merry Christmas to everybody from the Lucky Nugget team. 

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