Baccarat might be a game of luck, but that doesn’t mean it’s just a betting free for all. The guys at Lucky Nugget Casino take a look at three things you need to remember when playing baccarat!

Manage your bankroll efficiently

Being wary of how much money you have is imperative to surviving your weekend away at the casino. With flashing lights of the slots beckoning you to play around every corner, alongside the upbeat jazzy music designed to keep you pumped up basting away, casinos are designed to do one thing — to ensure you hit the ground running.

That’s why you should count your money before heading to the tables. Ask yourself: How much did I start with? How much do I want to spend? What’s my target for the evening? Patrons quickly forget they are playing with actual money, which is a result of the illusion created by the casino chip, and as a result play in a way they normally wouldn’t if real cash was used.

It’s all about managing your money!

By providing yourself with a stark reminder of your bankroll before play, the figure remains in your mind and the inclination to splash $500 will disintegrate. This is especially prevalent with baccarat players, as it’s regarded as a high rollers game and as such players bet big to fit in. As a result, it’s easy for players to be suckered into playing like a millionaire, even when they don’t have the cash to do so. Remind yourself constantly that you’re playing with real money, which you’ve gone out and worked for. From this, hopefully your losses will decrease, or time spent at the table will certainly increase, providing you with more bang for your buck.

Look for casinos with reduced house charges

An unknown fact out  (45.843 percent of winning) than the player (44.615 percent of winning). As a result of this, the casino charges a commission of up to 5% on all banker bet wins. This can change from casino to casino though, and as such you should check before playing. Many casinos also offer baccarat promotional periods which reduce the commission on banker bets, so it’s worth searching around for the best tables.

Be cautious with what you bet on

Baccarat is a game of luck, there’s no doubt about that. You simply bet on who is going to win — the rest is down the to dealer. There are three bets a player can place: Banker, player or tie, with the latter of the three being the worst bet one can place. The probability of a tie occurring is 9.53 percent, with a payoff of 8/1 usually. Which means, as you can probably guess, a huge payday for the casino. Factoring the tie out, the banker bet wins around 51 percent of the time and as such, it’s wise to bet on the banker. Of course, it’s always best to start off slow and work your way through, increasing bets once winning. Again, don’t just splash $500 on your first hand as it could turn into a rather quick visit to Vegas.

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