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Gaming is not just about turning up to the casino and winging it. It is about showmanship and knowing all the appropriate gambling terms as one rubs shoulders with some of the greatest players in society. Sure, luck might be on your side, but when you’re sat with the high-rolling bourgeoisie playing $10K blackjack and you forget the difference between hitting and standing,  you risk looking like a bit of a dingo.

To get you prepared for the intense world of gambling – on-line and in-house – have put together a list of the most popular blackjack and roulette gambling terms that you need to know.

This list will help guide you through the most intense game of blackjack or the suavest spin of the roulette wheel. Honestly, with our guides in one hand and this list of gambling terms in the other, you’ll be a gambling  like a pro in no time.

Blackjack Gambling Terms

Hit & stand

Lucky Nugget has over 87 variations of blackjack and each come with their own individual terms. However, two that are universal to the game are stand and hit, two of the most important gambling terms you’ll need to learn. Equivalent to ‘stop’ and ‘go’, these two phrases indicate to the dealer whether you want another card (hit) or you do not (stand). If you’re no good with words, there are two hand signals that are universally recognised. If you want to hit – tap the table, if you want to stand – wave your hand over your cards.

Double down

If you’re confident the next card dealt will push you close to 21 you can opt to take one more card and double your bet. A good time to do this would be when you hold an 11 and you think there’s a good chance of hitting a 10. You can’t bust, so doubling isn’t a bad option unless the dealer is holding a high card as well. Then you shouldn’t double your bet.


Say you’ve just been dealt two 8s. Instead of sticking with 16 and risking a loss, it’s possible to split those 8s and start fresh with two new hands. Your 8s will be split in two and you’ll be dealt two new cards. Of course, you’ll have to double your bet, with each hand now associated with a bet, but you’ve now got two chances of winning.


In some variations of blackjack, where the dealer is showing an ace, it may be possible to buy insurance, which is half of your original stake. If the dealer in turn has blackjack, the player will receive their insurance plus their original stake back. If the dealer doesn’t have blackjack, the insurance is taken by the house and the game continues as normal.


Another term that depends entirely on the version of blackjack you’re playing. If you believe your hand is so dire you want to dispose of it straight away you can surrender your hand and recoup half of your original bet.


If you and the dealer both end up with the same score, you’ll push and your stake will be returned. It’s pretty much the equivalent to drawing.

Roulette Gambling Terms

Outside and inside bets

Outside bets involve the directly betting on numbers (0 to 36). Inside bets are concerned with group bets, such as black, red, 1st dozen and odd, for example. Lucky Nugget has a multitude of roulette tables, which includes European (which uses a single green 0) and American roulette (which uses both 0 and 00).



En prison

Roulette differs from country to country and as such comes with their own individual gambling terms. In some European variants, En Prison can be called on a losing bet. It’s basically a second chance for the player. If the bet wins the second time around it will be released from prison and will remain on the table as a full bet. In select casinos, a bet can become double imprisoned and even triple imprisoned.

Straight up and single bet

Straight up is a term which means to bet on one single number. If a player was to place a bet on the number 32 for example, that would be a straight up bet. If a player was to place a bet on both 1 and 2 with one chip, that would be a split bet as the player is splitting his stake between two numbers.


Another gambling term for the dealer and one that is specific to roulette. Since the croupier doesn’t really ‘deal’ anything, it would be an inappropriate term to associate them with. It’s just a posh way to label the dealer.

Roulette and blackjack are full of gambling terms that can be confusing and misleading. Now you know them all why not head out to Lucky Nugget and hit the tables. If you know any more terms let us know in the comments section below.


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