Casino Slot Machines Themes

An online casino does not have the same space, time and installation mechanic obstacles that a physical casino has. Free of these constraints, casinos online frequently add new online slot machines, often adding new games almost immediately after release.

Slot machines online usually include the traditional offerings, with basic sounds and slots symbols and newer, more complex games, such as Tomb Raider and Thunderstruck. Players can view information about the slots game, including prize levels and game play instructions, before placing a bet. Some games offer free demos, so the player can get a feel for the game.

Casino Slot Machines Play

Slots in an online casino usually come in two different formats, downloadable and online play. A downloadable game is downloaded by the player onto a computer and installed, while online versions are played directly through the player's browser.

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The game information will indicate which type of platform it is before the player installs any software or plug-ins.

In most cases, online-play games are less graphic-heavy, while downloaded and installed casino games offer more features, such as complex animations and sounds. Players should check the online casino's recommendations for minimum computer system requirements before installing a downloaded game.

Online Casino Bonuses

Online slots games have their own player bonuses, such as wild cards and scatter symbols, just as casino slots in physical locations do. Bonus information is usually included in the game's play instructions and may include free plays and prize multipliers.

Some online casinos offer bonuses, such as matching deposits of up to CA$1,000, for new players. The amount of the bonus depends on the casino's rules for the promotion. Check the rules for any promotions.

Online casinos may offer tournaments that allow players to win larger prizes and compete against other players online in real time. Live tournaments bring the physical casino tournament experience to online players in their homes.

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