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Winnipeg, located in western Manitoba, Canada offers two of the largest casinos in the area. While online slots continue to be popular, those looking for a real Canada Casino: Winnipeg Casino experience can find it at the McPhillip Station Casino. Aside from table games like blackjack and craps, this location offers over 800 slot machines for patrons to enjoy and aside from being able to accept dollar bills, all machines have ticket in/ticket out capability, making it easy to move seamlessly from one to the other.

Aside from gaming, the McPhillips Station Casino also offers an all-you-can-eat buffet, two comfortable lounges and a sports bar. The entertainment facility is second to none and consistently brings the top names in both music and comedy to its customers. There's plenty to do and see here.

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The Club Regent Casino

There are times when online slots can be relaxing and enjoyable but it is tough to rival the environment created in Toukie's Lounge and Gaming Area in the Club Regent Casino. Customers can enjoy the big screen TVs, food specials and a huge selection of electronic games. Live entertainment is available on special nights during the week. Texas Hold'em Bonus is a new game that takes the popular card game to a new level with a few different modifications. There are multiple other card games being offered as well.

This land based casino is a great place to frequent, but if you’re not keen to leave the house and want to try a really great online slots game, then take on the Christmas cheer with Deck The Halls online video slots today!

Winnipeg – The Area

As the largest city in Manitoba, Canada, there is plenty to do and see outside of the casinos. There are multiple museums and theaters to enjoy as well as several festivals held throughout the year. To learn more about the area, stop by the Manitoba Museum or enjoy that artistic side of the city at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

The sports enthusiast can take in some of the local hockey or football games or possibly spend some time watching the Winnipeg Goldeneyes, the city's professional baseball team. The music lovers will enjoy the historical significance of the area as several famous musicians and bands originated in the area.

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