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Payment Mechanisms – Visa

Lucky Nugget Casino Canada welcomes the use of Visa, one of the world’s most widely used and accepted payment options. This payment mechanism is ideal for making quick, swift deposits into your online casino account in exchange for chips and credits. Lucky Nugget Casino accepts both Visa credit cards and Visa Electron debit cards.

Our SSL encryption ensures that all transactions are conducted in a safe online environment and Visa’s secure network also keeps you protected when making any transaction online with us. Visa provides a multiplex of protection levels to verify your transactions in as short a span of time as 1.5 seconds.

Visa makes use of a detection system to oversee thousands of transactions per second, scanning for any subtle variations in patterns of spending, that might be cause for concern, such as fraud. As a result, if something were to go wrong, this company can respond immediately. For these several reasons of protection and security, Lucky Nugget Casino Canada fully endorses Visa and promotes its use on our site for your fun and entertainment needs.

The difference between a Visa credit card and a Visa Electron card is the Electron card requires that there be funds in the account before a transaction can be conducted, whereby in the case of the credit card, there are exceeding limits. Thus Lucky Nugget players should always be sure about which Visa card it is that they will be using before transferring cash for casino credits.

These cards can also be used to fund other casino payment mechanisms applicable for use here at Lucky Nugget Casino. For instance, if you want to monitor your spend more effectively, then purchasing a UKash voucher via the use of your Visa credit card or debit card would be advisable as a Ukash voucher has a fixed amount of money on it. This voucher serves as an excellent alternative to making a direct Visa deposit and Canadian players are encouraged to use this casino payment mechanism should you so please.

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