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Online Video Poker: Beat your Rivals at Lucky Nugget

Online casino games have gained in popularity over the years and one variety of game that has led the charge has been poker. While poker appears in countless variations online, it's online video poker that really attracts the best players around. Whether you're a casual poker player, a beginner or a frequent visitor to the world of the online casino, this game is for you.

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Video poker actually has its origins in the casinos of the 1990s, but the technology of the internet has increased the accessibility and increased the entertainment value of this game. You'll find online video poker on various internet casino websites, such as the Lucky Nugget Casino site.

Variants of the Game

Most players will know the basics of poker and so to begin with, it's a good idea to stick with the simpler game variants. But for more advanced fun, try out variants such as multi-hand power poker. In this type of online poker, you get a bunch of hands and you'll need to keep an eye on these and manage them successfully to win big. Deuces Wild, which creates certain deuce cards and Jacks and Better are more poker play options you'll find online.

Payouts and Jackpots

Of course, online casino games are all about winning and this is an area where the odds look good for online video poker. While games such as slot machines remain popular in the online world, the percentage of payout rates for some video poker games can be as much as 99 percent, a few percent over that of online slots games for example. You also stand a solid chance of winning a decent jackpot when you play poker on the internet.

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