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Online roulette is adapted from the centuries old game of roulette, a slower paced, sophisticated game that was played by the aristocracy across Europe in an era of opulence and extravagance. Now brought to you by Lucky Nugget casino, we are proud to offer you 2 of online’s finest roulette versions to enjoy and discover that even though this is no longer a slower paced game, it is just as fun and even more rewarding. Our roulette tips and roulette strategies will help you master this game and show you how to make the best of playing online roulette. So place your bets and let the wheel spin, big wins can come your way!

Choose between 2 online roulette versions

Lucky Nugget casino offers 2 of the finest versions of online roulette available online. Play European Roulette, the original roulette game that took the world by storm or try the newer version of American roulette, a slightly more challenging version that contains an additional number on the table. Roulette tips will always include advising you to know your roulette wheel, that the American wheel has a double zero - earning it the nickname double zero roulette, whilst European roulette only has one zero.

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A good roulette strategy also involves the knowledge that although there is a very slight difference between the two types, the house edge in European roulette is 2.63% and in American roulette it is 5.26%, meaning the chance of winning in European roulette is somewhat larger than that of American online roulette.

Use roulette tips and strategies to play even better online roulette

Another fantastic roulette tip brought to you by Lucky Nugget casino is to always memorise a list of the unique terms used throughout online roulette play. All players with good roulette strategy will know exactly what each term means and how it influences their game play. If you want to try online roulette without making a deposit, take advantage of our free casino games available and learn the art of this exciting game. Once you have employed a good roulette strategy and benefited from our roulette tips, you can make a deposit and start spinning for real money!

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