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Why is European Roulette Gold so special?

The master gaming software developers, Microgaming has designed European Roulette Gold and has made it feel as close to the actual experience of standing around a roulette table as possible. It is packed with features and options, such as an overhead view of the table and auto play. These features enhance the game for players of all abilities. The music and sounds are exactly right to give the ambience of a high rolling casino. The graphics and animation are clear and all parts of the online roulette table can be seen. One clever feature is in the upper right hand corner of the screen where there is a close up of the ball in its number slot when the wheel has stopped spinning. It is this splendid version of the game that you will find here at Lucky Nugget online casino.

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European versus American

It is the European version of the game, which means there are slots zero to thirty-seven on the wheel instead of the customary thirty-eight in the American game. This is an advantage to the player as it means a 2.7% house edge (the average loss on a single bet) as opposed to 5.6% of its American counterpart.

All of the classic bets that are associated with the roulette table are available in this online game. It is possible to place Outside and Inside bets, which increase the odds of winning with lower payouts, as well as more complex bets and strategies for the more adventurous player. What may at first seem confusing to the less experienced player is made simpler with European Roulette Gold. A second screen charts previous spins losses and wins. This allows the player to become more informed and experienced in placing considered bets.

European Roulette Gold is available at Lucky Nugget online casino and gamers have two options in the way that they wish to play. For those less experienced or those choosing to devise winning strategies, there is free token play. This is a great advantage for players who wish to enjoy this game without the risk of any financial loss. For gamers who want to play online roulette for real money, sign up bonuses and daily play incentives that increase the kitty that can be played.

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$ 3759747.51