Types of Australian Online Casino Roulette Games

The thrilling game of roulette originated in France and means literally 'little wheel'. Although the old French Roulette can still be found, you will generally encounter two types, European or American. European Roulette is a later derivative of the old French Roulette whilst American is a later version still, which was created when roulette made its way across the Atlantic. Roulette is much older than the newer pokies style games but is just as exciting.

European Roulette

The wheel of a European Roulette table has 37 numbers going from 0 to 36. The chips are all one colour and players need to remember the bets that have been made. In European Roulette the player has the chance to take advantage of the 'en prison' rule when the ball falls on a zero.

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American Roulette

An American Roulette table has 38 numbers which includes 0 and 00. This benefits the house and gives them a higher advantage. But the plus side of American Roulette is that the chips are different colours making the game easier to follow.

Another major difference is that an American casino roulette croupier will collect the chips by hand whereas a European casino roulette croupier will use a rake.

Whilst both tables are thrilling in a casino, playing mobile or online roulette offers plenty more advantages. You can choose between European and American Roulette wherever you are in the world when playing online. Playing casino games such as online pokies on your computer or mobile phone offers far more choice than at a land based casino. This is true of roulette games also where online casino fans can discover plenty of varieties of the game. When playing roulette online you still hear the sounds of the wheel and feel the thrill of the turn. Unlike at a land based casino, you can also play for no money when playing online and this can be particularly useful whilst you find your feet at the roulette wheel, whether it's American or European.

Roulette bonuses present an ideal way in which to start your thrilling exploration of one of the most sophisticated casino games ever. Give online roulette a go today!

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