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The Galaxy's Greatest Pirates

Captain Bronzebeard, his wife Steel Scarlett and three of his robotic crew members are the main characters in this 5-reel, 25 payline video game. The introduction to the game includes a brief movie that provides players with an overview of the story.

Bronzebeard and his crew move through space on their galleon called Stella, visiting places such as the saloon, diner and astrobank and to hunt out space treasure.

This online casino game contains cgi-style 3D graphics offering vivid gameplay and an array of other visual and audio effects. Unlike other online casino games, the Great Galaxy Grab Pokies offers long-lasting features for players, including wild symbols, scatter features and the Space Chase game.

The Great Galaxy Grab Pokies Wild Symbol

The Galaxy Grab logo symbol is both a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. As a wild symbol, it can substitute for any other symbol (apart from other bonus symbols) and complete winning paylines. If 3 or more of the 'G' symbols appear on different reels, it triggers another bonus round of 10 free spins. Not only does this offer a 3 times multiplier, but there is the possibility of re-triggering the bonus.

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The Space Chase

If three or more Steel Scarlet symbols appear across the reels, it initiates the Space Chase feature. Within the Space Chase, there are six different bonus rounds taking place in specific locations. For example, the Refuel bonus allows players to attempt to match four of the same fuel logos. In the Diner bonus, players have the opportunity to select three orders. If the Space Chase ends, the game stores the last location in its memory and when players return to the Space Chase, they are able to continue from the last location.

There are also opportunities to spin the wheel of fortune, guess card values and locate hidden multipliers. As far as Pokies games go, this offers so many features that it will certainly keep players on the hunt for hidden space treasure with Captain Bronzebeard and his crew.

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$ 3759747.51