Online Slots Tips and Hints to hit that Pokies Jackpot!

Whilst there is no sure way of hitting the jackpot, slots games both at the bar or club as well as the online casino are primarily games of chance. There are a number of hints and slot tips which you could follow to capitalize on your chances.

Before you get excited however, these hints and tips are not formulas or predicting tools which will ensure a win, slots games or pokies games if you will, are primarily highly enjoyable, entertaining games of chance.

Skill and experience

Having said that, there is some skill involved and this comes with experience. Experience will help you make decisions like knowing when to quit or knowing when to give it another spin.

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However there are few slot tips that will help increase your chances of coming away with some winnings. Look for casinos with a good payout percentage. An online casino payout percentage is a lot higher than that of a regular casino or a bar or club. However even the online casinos vary from between 90% - 98%.


Look for an online casino which offers a good starting bonus, this will give you time to become acquainted with the games and gain some experience before you make the decision to part with your own cash.

Look for games with low reel numbers but large number of pay lines. Low reel numbers mean that you will have fewer symbols to match whilst larger pay line numbers increase your chances of matching those symbols.

If you play regularly, find out if your online casino has a loyalty scheme and join it to take advantage of additional promotions and bonuses.

Online slots games are designed to be fun. Decide on a budget and/or time limit for your game and stick to it. Never spend more that you can afford to lose.

Of all the various online slots games to play, the most exciting and appealing ones would have to be video slots. These slot machines are a cut above the rest with their advanced graphics and sounds accompanied by inter-level bonus rounds. On top of all this, they’re fun too!

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