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Pokies come in all different shapes and sizes, with a range of different themes. Lucky Nugget casino also offers slot car games. These pokies are based on the world of formula 1 racing and have various icons pertaining to the inner workings of the race track and all that it involves. No more is this emulated than in Good to Go online pokies.

Winning Wheels classic online pokies is yet another slot car game that involves all racing elements within its gaming make-up. From pit stops and tyre changes to the various racing flags, all culminating with a sizeable jackpot – this one is certainly worth trying out too.

Lucky Nugget's vast array of pokies

Lucky Nugget boasts a wealth of pokies on top of the usual classics – it is this huge variety that keeps players coming back for more.

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If you want to win big, try the progressive slot machines for out of this world wins. Or to practice and hone your skills, there are the usual games you would find in pubs, bars and casinos – with the real benefit that you don't have to leave the house to play.

In fact, Lucky Nugget allows you to play slot car games at the location of your choice through its online casino facilities. Play on your iPad during lunch or on your PC after hours and benefit from an industry leading, safe, secure and responsible gaming website that is suitable for everyone.

Fun with slot car games

Slot car games like Good to Go and Winning Wheels offer fun for adults of all ages. These pokies games are incredibly simple to learn and play – think Micro Machines and you are on the right track. But despite their simplicity, they offer hours of fun. Play today at Lucky Nugget online casino.

Slot car games are but just some of the slot machine games that you’ll enjoy at Lucky Nugget. Once you start exploring the rest of the casino, you’ll be privy to hundreds of pokies games all stacked with winning possibilities.

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