Taking Advantage of Pokies Tips & Strategies to Win Big!

Pokies are the most popular casino games out there. Pokies have evolved since first invented over a century ago as simple three wheel machines into today's computerised, web-based online pokies.

However, the basic premise of pokies remains the same. Players must pull the lever (simulated or otherwise) to reveal a random selection of symbols on the reels. Should the symbols match, the player is rewarded. While a game of chance rather than strategy, there are still some pokies tips for every pokies player to follow for a better game and more winnings.

Pokies Tips for Better Play

Each pokies machine is different and casinos and games can vary immensely. However, there are general rules you can apply when searching for your ideal slot machine.

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Pay attention to the number of reels on the machine, which can range from anything between three and nine and remember that the more reels there are, the more symbols you will need to align to make any sort of win.

These days many games offer dozens, even hundreds, of potential pay lines, all of which can help your bank balance grow. Typically players are allowed to pick which pay lines to activate, allowing both more control over the game and spending.

Additionally, keep a lookout for any Bonus or Scatter symbols that could increase your chances of winning or even open up bonus rounds where extra jackpots can be found. Also look out for any new games offering sign up bonuses to play- these could prove lucrative.

Finally, consider progressive pokies for a chance to win the biggest prizes. Instead of the jackpot being in direct relation to your bet it is based on the number of coins paid in since the last win meaning any winnings could be immense.

There is a huge choice in online slot machine games out there and by applying some simple tips to your selection process you are sure to find the right game.

If you’re going to venture into the world on online pokies, nothing will kicks start your exploration better than one or two slots bonuses.

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