The Truth About Online Pokies Machine Cheats

Popular culture is filled with stories of people cheating the casino to win big. With the amount of money involved and the glamorous reputation of casinos it is easy to see what tickles people's imaginations. An opportunity to cheat at pokies games would be welcomed by many, simply due to the large jackpots that these slots machines can offer. Many spend will hundreds trying to hit the jackpot but to no avail.

There have been a number of cheats devised over time. This has varied from fiddling the coin acceptor, or, in the more modern age, by attempting to manipulate the computer programming itself. However, while they may have hit the headlines, none of these attempts can be seen as being successful.

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Cheating in Online Pokies

In the online world pokies players instead use websites with software set up to randomly generate numbers. Cheats here are much more unusual, with attacks on individual 'machines' impossible. However, casino companies have to be on the lookout for the scammers of the new era hackers. Hackers are able to break through codes and into software in order to control it and alter it to their own advantage- in the case of casinos, to make payouts. There however haven’t’ been any reported cases of hackers actually pulling off this feat as reputed online casinos employ the highest level of software security.

Avoid Getting Scammed by the House

Rigged machines that favour the house have been discovered on numerous occasions over the years. The way to not get caught by this is to play at a reputable online casino, like Lucky Nugget, that is regulated by a well known body such as eCOGRA – the official online casino watchdog.

Wherever there are slot machines, there are people trying to cheat them and players have tried numerous ways to scam the casino. However, with casinos paying a lot of attention to player and game security, be aware that most pokies machine cheats are pointless ventures and the best bet really is just to sit down and play the game.

So the cheats don’t work, but that in no way means you cannot win! Every single day good online casinos pay out winnings. So surf to your nearest reputable online casino, initiate the pokies machine download feature, and you’re well on your way.

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