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Whether you're an old hand at online casino gaming or a fresh-faced newcomer who can barely tell your blackjack from your backgammon, online poker slot games really do offer something for everyone. For the newcomer, online pokies can be a cheap and simple way to ease yourself into the world of online gaming; for the established casino fan, online slots games, or 'pokies' as they are sometimes known, can provide a cheaper and quicker thrill than other online casino games.

How to Play Poker Slots

Most online poker slot games are operated in roughly the same way. Each game is made up of a number of rows and paylines. Each payline can be 'activated' by placing a bet upon it; payouts are then gained by achieving winning combinations across activated paylines. In general, the more paylines you choose to activate, the higher your chances of winning.

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Poker Slot Bonus Features

Many games also offer bonus rounds and features, the most popular of which are the 'wild' and 'scatter' symbols. The 'wild' symbol can be used as a substitute for any other symbol except the 'scatter' symbol. For example, if a player is missing one symbol from an otherwise winning combination, the 'wild' symbol (if placed on the correct line) can be used to achieve the winning combination. The other main bonus is the 'scatter' symbol, which is used to multiply payouts and can, in some games, also be used to trigger bonus rounds. Within these bonus rounds, further symbols can also trigger further multiplications of payouts, offering players the chance to win serious amounts!

Many more complex online slot machines also now offer complete bonus games, which, when activated, take players to a different screen where they are offered the chance to further increase their winnings through different mini-games.

Online slot machine games are not only a quick and easy way to win big prizes, they also have the advantage of being totally flexible. Rather than more complicated multi-player online casino games, online slots can be played at a time to suit you and are easily adaptable to small mobile phone screens.

Pokies bonuses are one of the biggest reasons players flock to these games. Video pokies are often loaded with intricate fee spin and bonus rounds that can lead to great additional winnings.

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