Beginners Guide to Nuclear 9s Pokies

The 'Australian Style Slots Games', or Pokies as they are known to their fans, have taken the world by storm. With many popular games available on a host of online casino sites, Pokies bring players the chance to win huge jackpots, have great fun and all with a touch of Aussie charm. One of the all time most popular games are the Nuclear 9s Pokies available at Lucky Nugget, which feature innovative game play and multiple chances to win alongside one of the biggest jackpots in the industry.

The Nuclear Lowdown

Nuclear 9s Pokies are five reel and nine pay line slots games, which at first glance don't seem so different to anything else in the online casino world. However, beneath the surface this is one of the most intricate and exciting games around and has proven itself to provide stimulating game play and real chances to win big every time.

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The classical yet streamlined look of the game features the instantly recognisable cherries, bars and bells but also holds a couple of special symbols that are unique to this game. The first is the nuclear symbol, which acts as a wild and can lead to big wins, whereas the other is the atomic symbol, which is a scatter symbol and means payouts can be created on lines from anywhere on the board. There are also a number of in game multipliers that can change a minor win into something to really get excited about.

This game carries with it a serious and sophisticated demeanor, but if you want something a little more light hearted, then why not try out the spoof space quest – The Great Galaxy Grab – another great pokies adventure from Lucky Nugget.

The Power Spins™

Nuclear 9s Pokies are a great way to enjoy some downtime in the online casino no matter how the outcome goes, but if you want some real excitement and thrills, activate the 'Power Spins' button on the right hand side of the screen. As well as tripling your bet, this feature gives the player a chance to activate the Rolling Reels feature, where all the winning pay lines disappear, giving the player double the chance to win

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