Play Burning Desire, online pokies that are on fire!

A brand new type of online pokies is now available at Lucky Nugget Casino! Play this smoking hot slots games creation, where paylines have been abolished and ‘ways to win’ have been introduced to increase your chances by having up to 243 different ways to win!

Burning desire is a 5 reel slots machines games offering that introduces an exciting new concept in online pokies, ensuring bigger and better winning opportunities are waiting just for you!

Smoking hot slots game

Burning Desire is a smoking hot slots games innovation, with 243 ways to win players can take home big rewards in the same way they could with conventional slots games, only with Burning Desire your chances are even better!

Vibrant colours and a dramatic background will have you enthralled, and with stunning graphics and slick game play you will soon discover that both the rewards on offer and the creative, slick game play mean you are always on fire!

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Burning Desire, ways to win

Burning Desire online pokies symbols can each open up big payouts, but unlike payline based versions of slots games on offer, the ways to win system means you don’t have to worry about which lines you have selected, as the winning combinations can be formed in any order across the reels as long as the same symbols fall next to each other!

Line up identical symbols and achieve big wins no matter where they land on the 5 reels! Burning Desire offers a jackpot of 30,000 coins from the reels and 90,000 coins from the free spins, making this online pokies a sure fire winner!

Burning Desire, more than your ordinary slots game

Burning desire is the first in online slots games to bring you this exciting ways to win formula, meaning all symbols act as adjacent scatters and any adjacent scatter combination offers you a win.

Maximize your chances of winning with these online pokies and ensure you’re rewarded time and time again. Come and join us today and play online casino games in a whole new way!

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