Online Aussie Pokies Games: Learn The Rules & Win Big

Aussie pokies are largely the same as any other form of online pokies games. Regardless of whether your chosen game is called a 'pokies', a 'slot game' or a 'fruit machine', the rules, system of payouts and bonus features are fairly similar across the world.

Most online pokies consist of a system of reels, slots and paylines. Each payline must be 'activated' in order for winning combinations across those paylines to be counted as legitimate; this is done by placing a bet upon the given payline.

It is up to the player to choose which paylines to activate and how much to bet on each. Most online slots games use coins of flexible denominations, allowing players a wide betting range to choose from. The higher the coin denomination you choose and the more paylines you decide to activate, the higher your chances of winning.

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How to Increase Your Winnings

Whilst fairly high payouts can be won from the basic winning combinations of most games, payouts can be dramatically increased depending on the system of bonus features used in the particular pokies game you choose to play. The two most common bonus features are the 'wild' and 'scatter' cards. The 'wild' card can be used as a substitute symbol for any other symbol in the game except the 'scatter' symbol. Thus if you are one symbol away from a potentially winning combination, the 'wild' card can be employed as a substitute for the missing symbol, allowing you to achieve your winning strike.

In most pokies games, the 'wild' symbol must appear on an activated payline in order to be used. The 'scatter' symbol, on the other hand, can appear anywhere. The symbol usually acts as a multiplier for your winnings; where the scatter symbol appears as part of a winning combination, that combination's value is multiplied. In some games the scatter symbol also triggers bonus rounds within which further winnings can be multiplied. Many of the more complex games also feature complete bonus games, often offering players the chance to 'double or nothing' their winnings.

There is no doubt that Australian pokies machines are the most commonly played casino games around. These games fascinate due to their juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity in the form of stunning graphics and intricate bonus rounds that can sometimes contain two or three games in one.

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