Casino Blackjack - Play a classic Australian casino game

Often claimed to be the most widely played casino banking game in the world, blackjack is one of the easier card games to pick up but is nonetheless just as exciting due to the varying alternatives. For those who enjoy the element of luck in online pokies, although the name and technicalities of the game may vary, almost all online casinos will offer some form of a blackjack casino.

How to Play at a Blackjack Casino

In its most basic form, a blackjack casino offers a game which requires the player to compare their cards with those of the dealer. Each deck is referred to as a 'hand'; the 'hand' which ultimately holds the value closest to a score of 21, without actually exceeding 21, wins the game. This may sound simple enough, but there are numerous ways to achieve this aim.

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Before the game begins, the player makes a bet that their hand will be closest to 21. Unlike some other casino games, this bet can be increased or decreased at various points in the game depending on how your play pans out. The dealer then deals two cards to each hand, including a hand for himself. The player adds up the total of the cards according to the following rules: The player can choose whether to value the 'Ace' card as either 1 or 11; and The 'court' cards (King, Queen and Jack) are all valued at 10.

The most basic subsequent actions are as follows:


If the player feels confident that adding another card to his deck will not cause his total to 'bust' (exceed 21), he can request the dealer to 'hit' him. This means that he is dealt another card.


If the player is feeling particularly confident, not only can another card be dealt, but the bet can be doubled at this point.


If the player's hand is under 21 but is likely to 'bust' if any more cards are added to it, the player can choose to 'stand', leaving the hand as it is.

Usually when signing up with an online casino, be it a blackjack casino, players are usually entitled to some kind of a bonus code. These codes are perfect for first timers as they provide additional funds to one’s bankroll and prolong game play.

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